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Many thanks to Roger Rettig for the idea, and Paul Griggs, Dave Moore, Erik The Viking, Warren James, Brian Goodwin, Mark Goodwin, Gunter Gotta & Les Woosey, Colin Williamson, Michael Cooper, John Bennett, Bill Scott, David Bryceson & Ed Fraser for the info so far.

Additional information from IMDB, BFI, Portsmouth Music Scene, TV Pop Diaires & Lost Shows web sites.




Date unknown

Gearies School Gants Hill Lonnie's 1st gig, he played Muskat Ramble



       1949 – 1951

The British Army

When he could Lonnie played some gigs with Chris Barber, and poss Bill Bronskill.

Whilst he was in the army, Lonnie played drums in a band called The Wolverines.





Date unknown

During the summer, Lonnie went to The Wood Green Jazz Club, and being cocky he managed to persuade the owner to let him do the interval, Lonnie sang Frankie & Johnny




With The Tony Donegan Jazz Band ( Formerly Bill Bronskills New Orleans Jazz Band)

Regular bookings.



Dates unknown

??? Abbey Wood

Dates unknown

Freddie Randell's Club Cooks Ferry Inn Edmonton

Dates unknown

Wood Green Jazz Club The Fishmongers Arms

Dates unknown

Queen Victoria, Worcester Park

Dates unknown

The White Lion, Edgeware

Dates unknown

Delta Jazz Club, Gerrard Street, Wood Green Jazz Club



With Ken Colyer later Chris Barber's Jazz Band.


June 2nd

Royal Albert Hall, Lonnie listed as a vocalist.

June 28th

Royal Festival Hall London. Top act is Lonnie Johnson, this is the show that Lonnie Donegan said he gained the name Lonnie, due to a mistake by the compare. “Tony” Donegan has actually been calling himself Lonnie for about five months.


Just after this, on Army call back, he was dropped by his own band. The last gig was played at Battersea Pleasure Gardens. It was here that Lonnie met Maureen Tyler (wife No. 1)

He joined up with Chris Barber’s new band, and rehearsals were held at The Prince Alfred in Locksley Street E14  an East End pub owned by Maureen’s dad, John Tyler.

It is possible that this pub maybe being converted into residential use.

24th December

The Chris Barber Band, with its new line up, including Lonnie, debuted at The Creole Club, 44 Gerard Street London.

31st December

2nd show at The Creole Club.




1st April

Now called Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen, they leave for a tour of Denmark. Lonnie is now a full time musician, having quit at Millet’s.



12th April

12.4.53 Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen, LD on vocal, Hotel Gentofte, Copenhagen.

4 tracks bootlegged. Hard Time Blues, Nobody’s Child, You Don’t Know My Mind, Midnight Special.

These tracks were released in 1993 on More Than Pye In The Sky.

25th April

British debut for Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen at The London Jazz Club, near Marble Arch. They played there every Saturday & Sunday night until it closed in September.


During this period they also played regular gigs at The Hot Club & 100 Club, plus many other clubs, Jazz Festivals etc. Including The Festival Hall.




October 4th Sunday

The Civic Hall, Croydon. Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen, including LD,at Croydon Jazz Club.

April 11th Sunday

Picton Hal, Liverpool



30th May

Ken Colyer’s final appearance with the band at The Hot Club.

From The Melody Maker of May 22nd, confirmation of Ken Colyer leaving and his final performance with the band. Thanks go to Barrie Marshall for the scan of this article.


With Chris Barbers Jazz Band 



31st May

The Chris Barber’s Jazz Band made their debut at The 100 Club.





 June 7th Monday

 Traditional Jazz Part II. Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Lonnie Donegans “Skiffle” Group. From The Melody Maker of May 22nd, possibly the first time Lonnie's “Skiffle” Group was advertised.


 Thanks go to Barrie Marshall for the scan of this advert.


13th July

Decca Studio’s West Hampstead London.

Chris Barber Jazz Band recorded LP “New Orleans Joys” As part of the session LD, Chris Barber and Beryl Bryden recorded 4 tracks. Rock Island Line, John Henry, which became the original hit single in 1956, and Nobody’s Child and Midnight Special. The last two were not released until 1993 when they were included on More Than Pye In The Sky.

27th September

Abbey Road Studio’s London

Chris Barber Jazz Band, with LD vocals recorded, On A Christmas Day. This was released on Columbia.

1st October

Aarhus Denmark

Lonnie Sung, Precious Lord / Bury My Body / Frankie and Johnny / Black Girl / Rock Island Line / On A Christmas Day

9th October

Copenhagen University, Copenhagen

Chris Barber Jazz Band vocals LD, bootlegged recording of Precious Lord Lead Me On. This was released in 1993 on More Than Pye In The Sky.

10th October

Old Fellows Palais Copenhagen Denmark

Lonnie Sung, Over in the New Burying Ground / Leavin' Blues / Wabash Cannonball / Precious Lord, Lead Me On

 15th October
 Jazz At
  The Free Trade Hall, Manchester.
 16th October
 Jazz At
 The City Hall, Newcastle On Tyne

30th October

Royal Festival Hall

This concert  performed by variouc artists, including The Chris Barber Jazz Band. was recorded by Decca.  Lonnie performed "Diggin" My Potatos" & "Bury My Body".  These tracks became Decca'a follow up single to"Rock Island Line" and were also included with it on a Decca EP with "John Henry".

9th November

Abbey Road Studio’s London

Chris Barber Jazz Band, LD on vocals, Take My Hand Precious Lord. This was released on Columbia



 January 9th

Royal Festival Hall, London

The Chris Barber Jazz Band segment of this concert was recorded by Decca, no LD vocals.

 January 13th  

I.B.C. Studio’s.35 Portland Place, London the Chris Barber Jazz Band recording for Pye Nixa


 Februay 27th Sunday

The Civic Hall, Croydon, the Chris Barber Jazz Band at Croydon Jazz Club

 March 3rd, 8th & 9th
I.B.C. Studio's 35 Portland Place, London

The Chris Barber Jazz Band recording for Pye Nixa No LD vocals

March 11th Friday

The Winter Gardens, Malvern, Worcs The Chris Barber Jazz Band

 March 16th
 Decca Studio's, 165 Briadhurst Garden, Hampstead, London, NW6


Recording a Chris Barber Jazz Band single both sides were Ottilie Patterson vocals.

 March 18th
 I.B.C Studio's, 35 Portland Place, London

The Chris Barber Jazz Band recording for Pye Nixa

March 31st

St Lukes Church Burdett Road Stepney (St Paul with St Luke)

 12th April
Royal Festival Hall, Recital Room, London.  New Orleans Encore No 16.  This popular series of monthly concerts featured The Chris Barber Jazz Band.

 18th April

Live “Jazz Club” broadcast from B.B.C. Broadcasting House London.

Chris Barber Jazz Band. LD sang, When I Move To The Sky and On A Monday, Released in 1993 on More Than Pye In The Sky.

5th - 8th May
Mama Don't Allow, filmed at Wood Green Jazz Club, for BFI Free Cinema showing.

9th May

Live “Jazz Club” broadcast from B.B.C. Broadcasting House London.

Chris Barber Jazz Band, LD sang, In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down and Midnight Special. Released in 1993 on More Than Pye In The Sky.

 17th May
 Royal Festival Hall, Recital Room, London.  New Orleans Encore No 17.  This popular series of monthly concerts featured The Chris Barber Jazz Band.

19th May

I.B.C. Studio’s London.

Although still a member of The Chris Barber Jazz Band, The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group recorded the EP, Backstairs Session. This was released on Polygon/Nixa. A fifth track, Harmonica Blues was released in 1993 on More Than Pye In The Sky.

 June 4th Saturday

The Festival Gardens, Battersea, London The Chris Barber Jazz Band

June 12th Sunday
The London Coliseum Theatre, London The Chris Barber Jazz Band
14th June
Royal Festival Hall, Recital Room, London.  New Orleans Encore No 18.  This popular series of monthly concerts featured The Chris Barber Jazz Band.
 June 30th Thursday

The Empress Hall, London The Chris Barber Jazz Band the Second Daily Mirror, Disc Festival

July 1st Friday
The Palais De Dance, Stockton on Tees The Chris Barber Jazz Band
1st & 9th September
I.B.C. Studio's 35 Portland Place, London

The Chris Barber Jazz Band recording for Pye Nixa No LD vocals

14th September
The Savoy Ballroom, Southsea, Hampshire
15th September
The Lido Ballroom, Winchester, Hampshire.
16th September
I.B.C. Studio's 35 Portland Place, London

The Chris Barber Jazz Band recording for Pye Nixa.

17th September
The Croydon Jazz Club, Surrey.
25th SeptemberI.B.C. Studio's 35 Portland Place, London

The Chris Barber Jazz Band recording for Pye Nixa.

23rd October, Sunday.The Pavilion Theatre, Liverpool, part of The Chris Barber Jazz Band. 

November 5th SaturdayRoyal Festival Hall with Chris Barber's Band.
November 20th Sunday
The Winter Gardens, Malvern, Worcester. The Chris Barber Jazz Band
December 11th Sunday
The Odeon Cinema, Guilford, Surrey. The Chris Barber Jazz Band
December 18th Sunday
The Hippodrome Theatre, Aldershot. The Chris Barber Jazz Band.
December 30th Friday
The Pier Pavillion, Southampton. The Chris Barber Band


1st January

Empire Theatre Liverpool

The Chris Barber Jazz Band including Lonnie Donegan, appeared

9th January

Live “Jazz Club” broadcast from B.B.C. Broadcasting House London.

Chris Barber Jazz Band, LD sang Railroad Bill. This was released in 1993, on More Than Pye In The Sky

11th January

I.B.C. Studio’s London.

Still in the Chris Barber Jazz Band, The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group recorded three tracks of the Skiffle Sessions EP.

15th January
The Pavillion Theatre, Liverpool. The Chris Barber Jazz Band with Lonnie.
January 27th Friday

The Chris Barber Band Show, Town Hall, Birmingham. See below for programme, same one used for each show.

NME Article -



January 29th Sunday 

The Chris Barber Band Show, Town Hall Leeds. 


Page below signed by Chris Barber.


Page below signed by Lonnie, Monty Sunshine & Ottilie Paterson





February 4th
BBC, The Dave King Show, as a member of The Chris Barber Jaz Band.
February 10th Sunday

Hippodrome Aldershot with The Avon Cities Jazz Band.

The second poster from the left is for this show.

February 20th

I.B.C. Studio’s London.

LD recorded his first Pye single, Lost John, still using Chris Barber Jazz Band personnel


Advert for this single from The NME dated March 30th 1956.

February 26th. St George's Hall, Bradford.


Early in 1956 Paddy McKieran a music promoter from Stockport nr Manchester, put together a six night package tour of the North of England. It was called “Rhythm of the Stars” and was sponsored by The Daily Express. The show included George Melly who had his own spot and compared the show. Music was provided by The Ronnie Scott Orchestra. Top of the bill was “The Man with The Golden Trumpet” Eddie Calvert, also appearing were Gerry Brereton, Marie Benson, Dill Jones, The Hedley Ward Trio and The Chris Barber Jazz Band. The dates in March that they played are as in red.

 March 9th Fruday

 NME Advert -



March 12th
The Free Trade Hall, Manchester.
March 13th
The Town Hall, Leeds.
March 14th
The Town Hall, Middlesborough.
March 15th
The City Hall, Sheffield.
March 16th Friday

The Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke On Trent.

NME Article -



March 17th
The Jazz Band Ball, The Pavillion Gardens, Buxton.

The programme for the tour indicates The Chris Barber Jazz Band featuring The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group opened the second half of the show. At the time of the tour “Rock Island Line” was in it’s eleventh week in the charts and “Lost John” was recorded and ready for release as the follow up single. Meanwhile Eddie Calvert’s chart topping days were behind him. The entire tour was a completely sold out. It would be interesting to know if the running order changed and if the audiences who turned up, were different to that anticipated when the show was put together.

March 30th

Two articles about Lonnie from The NME out today.


March 31st Saturday

City Hall Newcastle.


April 1st Sunday.

The Hippodrome Theatre, Manchester The Chris Barber Jazz Band


April 4th

I.B.C. Studio’s London.

LD with Dick Bishop and Chris Barber recorded fourth Skiffle Sessions EP, Ttrack.

 April 6th Friday

 NME Advert -



 April 15th
 De Montford Hall, Leicester.
April 16th Monday

Jazz Concert, Watford Town Hall

April 20th Friday

 NME Article -



April 23rd Monday.

The London Society of Jazz Music, Jazz Ball atThe Palais, Wimbledon, London, with The Chris Barber Jazz Band. 


April 27th Friday

NME Aricle - Not very clear!



April 28th

Royal Festival Hall, London National Jazz Federation Concert the Chris Barber Jazz show. This was the first solo concert at the venue by The Chris Barber Jazz Band. The programme for this show heavily features LD and the Skiffle Group. Assuming Lonnie appeared it could well be his final appearance as a member of the CBJB.

May5th – 8th

Moved to 1955.

May 12th


The Festival Gardens Battersea Park, London. NME stand, in aid of The Variety Club of Great Britain.


June 8th Friday

 NME Advert -



June 14th Thursday
 Jazz & Jive Gala, Harringay Arena.
June 17th Sunday

Floating Festival of Jazz, on board The MV Royal Daffodil, from Tower Peir to Margate and back.









 June 22nd Friday

 NME Article -



 July 6th Friday

 NME Article -



 July 13th Friday

 NME Article -



 July 27th Friday

 NME - Two Articles -





August 2nd
IBC Studios London.

A fully autonomous Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group recorded the third single, Bring A Little Water Sylvie. This was the first recording made without the aid of Chris Barber Jazz Band personnel.

 August 17th Friday

 NME Advert and Picture - 




August 22nd & 23rd

I.B.C. Studio’s London.

LD Skiffle Group recorded ground breaking LP, Lonnie Donegan Showcase. They also recorded the fourth single Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-o at these sessions.

 August 24th Friday

 NME New Car and Article -





August 26th

Stoll Theatre, Kingsway, Holburn, support was Terry Lightfoot's Jazzmen.



 August 31st Friday

 NME Article -



September 9th

BBC TV The Showband Show Venue.

September ??

2 I's Coffee Bar Old Compton Street Soho

September 10th

The Empire Theatre Nottingham for one week.

This was LD’s first ever appearance in Variety.

Singer Vince Eager was in the audience in 1956. Lonnie’s final show before he died was at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham and Vince Eager shared the stage with LD on that occasion.

 September 14th Friday

 NME Article -



September 17th

Empire Theatre Edinburgh

 September 22nd Saturday

 The Palace Theatre, Manchester.



September 24th
The Empire Theatre Glasgow for one week.
September 28th Friday

 NME Advert -



October 1st
The Hippodrome Birmingham for one week.

For full programme :-


October 8th

The Empire Theatre Sheffield for one week.


From the book 'Curtain Up at the Empire Theatre Sheffield'
October 15th
The Empire Theatre Newcastle for one week.
October 21st

King Georges Hall Blackburn for one night.



October 22nd

Palace Theatre, Manchester for one week.

This photo is a still from the 2016 ITV programme

 "Jim Carter, Lonnie Donegan And Me"

October 29th

The Empire Theatre Leeds for one week.








November 5th

Empire Theatre Liverpool 

Paul McCartney was inspired to take up the guitar after going to see LD at The Liverpool Empire. It was almost certainly this gig.

During the day Lonnie was signing autographs in the city centre, the singer from a band called The Coney Island Skiffle Group asked him to sign a piece of paper advertising a gig the group were playing at. Lonnie said will have to get together some time, that some time was after the show that night. Here are a couple of photo's taken that night



The Coney Island Skiffle Group were – Brian Curtis on lead guitar, Colin Rimmer – vocals and guitar, Neil Short – washboard, Roger Baskeyfield – banjo , Derick Haines – piano, replaced by Roger Planche. Many thanks to Ben Curtis for this information.


November 11th

Leeds. Charity football match between LD XI & Yorkshire Evening News XI. In aid of The Yorkshire Evening News Appeal for “Lonely Old People”. This is not a mistake – it is true!

November 12th
The Empire Theatre Sunderland for one week.
November 19th
The Empire Hanley (Stoke) for one week.
November 26th
The Alhambra Theatre Bradford for one week.

December 2nd

Sunday Night At The London Palladium

December 7th Friday.

 Recording For The BBC "Henry Hall's Gust Night".





December 9th Sunday.

London Coliseum – The Lord Mayor's Hungarian Relief Fund Charity Appeal.









December 16th

Sunday Night At The London Palladium. This show was held at The Prince Of Wales Theatre.

December 3rd - 21st

3 Weeks Variety Bill Prince Of Wales Theatre Piccadilly


December 23rd Monday.

De Montford Hall, Leicester and Terry Lightfoot.

Page from The NME November 14th.


December 24th Monday
 BBC TV "Off The Record".
December 29th
BBC Saturday Night Out
December 31st
1 week Gaumont, Taunton.

Lonnie opened this week in Taunton with two shows on New Year’s Eve.


 1956 USA



 May 18th Friday.

May 19th

Perry Come Show TV 

On the right of this picture is Lonnie with Perry Como on his USA TV debut.



May 22nd


Town And Country Club New York



May 25th

NME Cutting



June 8th

 NME Cutting.


June16th & 17th

Three days Hippodrome theatre, Cleveland

What a line up!

June 21st

At least 1week Rock N' Roll Show Fox Theatre Detroit

Dates unknown

Further dates cancelled.



1957 DATES


January 13th

Jack Jackson Show ATV

January 14th

Gaumont Doncaster for one week. 


Full programme can be found here http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm  Pictures 21 - 30

January 24th Thursday
 Val Parnell's Star Time

January 25th

Conway Hall London On Stage Recorded Here

 Two newspaper cuttings, one from Swansea, the other from Taunton.




January 27th

Commodore Theatre Ryde Isle Of Wight.

This show was moved from The Empire Theatre Portsmouth, because Portsmouth Council were not happy with the tone of the show.

January 31st

Associated T Jack Hylton Presents Alfred Marks Time. (Lonnie acted in a comedy sketch)

February 1st  Friday.
Kingston Baths.

February 2nd

BBC Jazz Club (First half on TV, Second half on radio)


February 3rd

NME Poll Winners Concert Royal Albert Hall

Lon was on early, so he could get to another gig the same night!

February 3rd

Gaumont Chatham























February 4th Monday.
BBC Radio, Midday Music Hall. 
February 5th Tuesday.
Free Trade Hall, Manchester.
February 7th Thursday.

Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, with Alex Welsh's Dixielanders. This show was switched to Sopina Gardens Cardiff, see NME cutting for details.


February 8th Friday.
Shire Hall, Hereford, with Alex Welsh.
February 9th Saturday.
Town Hall, Birmingham, with Alex Welsh.
February 10th Sunday.
Hippodome, Aldershot, with The Avon City Jazz Band.
February 14th Thursday.Town Hall, Oxford.
February 15th Friday.
Town Hall Wimbledon.
February 16th Saturday.
Town Hall, Reading.
February 17th Sunday.
Odeon, Colchester, with Terry Lightfoot's Jazz Band.

February 18th

1 Week Royal Norwich

February 22nd Friday

 Lonnie and daughter Fiona, from todays NME.



 February 24th

I.B.C. Studio’s London.

LD recording his fifth single which would become his first number one, Cumberland Gap.

February 25th

1 Week Empire Nottingham, Johnny Duncan deputised for Lonnie on both the Monday & Tuesday.  See NME cutting below.

March 1st Friday

Lonnie ill, from todays NME.


March 3rd

Six - Five Special


March 4th

1 Week Regal Chesterfield

March 9th Saturday
St Mary's Church, Wanstead, Essex.  Lonnie attended the wedding of his drummer Nick Nichols.

March 11th

1 Week Opera House Belfast

March 17th

Sunday Night At The London Palladium

March 18th

1 Week Empire Chiswick

 March 23rd

BBC Six - Five Special

This photo was taken at one the recordings of 6-5 Special that Lonnie featured on. I am not sure which one though.

March 24th

Record Star Show, in aid of spastics, Royal Albert Hall


 March 25th & 26th
Walton On Thames Film Studio's.

Recording the soundtrack for the film “Light Fingers” . The two songs were The Theme From Light Fingers and Gamblin’ Man.

April 29th - 6th May

London Palladium with The Platters




May 9th

London Palladium Puttin’ On The Style/Gamblin’ Man Recorded Here

May 12th

Sunday Night At The London Palladium

May 13th

1 Week Empire Glasgow

 May 18th

From The TV Mirror of this day:-


May 20th

1 Week Edinburgh





May 27th

1 Weeks Empire Theatre Liverpool

May, exact date unknown
 West Ham United's Ground, part of The Showbiz XI Football Team.
June 1st Saturday.

 Saturday Skiffle Club. BBC Light Programme.  

June 3rd

1 Week Hippodrome Brighton

June 9th

All Star Skiffle show at Royal Albert Hall

June 10th

1 Week Kings Southsea

June 24nd.

4 Week Hippodrome London

For scans of the programme from this show, please go to The Lonnies Programmes page.


Cutting from The Melody Maker of 29th June 57.

This guy was obviously not interested on music!





June 28th Friday.

Congratulations from The NME.


June 29th
ATV Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular - The Mel Torme Show

July 1st

1 Week New Theatre Cardiff Did not take place **

July 5th Friday

More praise for Lonnie in todays NME.


July 8th

1 Week Empire Liverpool Did not take place **

July 15th

Hippodrome Manchester Did not take place **

July 27th
 ATV Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular - The Lonnie Donegan Show

July 29th

Regal Great Yarmouth

Released in August

Light Fingers (Film)

August 2nd Friday

A denial from Lonnie!  An article in today's NME.


August 5th

1 Week Empire Sheffield

August 12h

2 Weeks Holiday in Italy

August 16th Friday

Lonnie is in The NME again!



August 26th

1 Week at The Odeon Plymouth This concert’s venue was changed to ABC Theatre Royal Plymouth

August 28th

The British Legion Hall, The Octagon, Plymouth.

Whilst appearing at The Theatre Royal Pavilion LD recorded his seventh single My Dixie Darling at The British Legion Hall.


September 2nd

1 Week at The Regal Great Yarmouth

September 8th

Royal Albert Hall Top 20 Hit Parade Disc Stars Concert

(NME Promotion) Not shown in Fan Club Mag

September 9th

1 Week at The New Theatre Cardiff

September 16th

No fixture yet It is believed that Lonnie undertook various Radio & TV dates during this week

September 21st

Saturday Spectacular ABC TV

September 23rd

1 Week at The Hippodrome Bristol 




September 30th

1 Week at The Regal Gloucester.  Due to illness, Lonnie did not complete this week.  See October 11th issue of NME for details.








October 7th

1 Week at The Savoy Lincoln.

It is unlikely that Lonnie performed in this show. A programme for it has a sticker over the stars name, showing Les Hobeaux as Last Act.  See NME article from the October 11th issue.


For programme follow link http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm  Pictures 89 - 93.

October 11th Friday

 Lonnie ill with the flu, from today's NME.


October 14th

1 Week at The Regal Hull.  This date was changed to October 28th.

For full programme 


October 20th

Sheffield Football Club Centenary Concert, Empire Theatre.



 October 21st

1 Week at The Globe Stockton.

 October 27th
 ATV The Jack Jackson Show.

October 28th

1 Week at The A.B.C. Lonsdale Carlisle, This date was changed to October 14th.

November 4th

The Gaumont Theatre, Southampton added after tour announced in The Fan Club Mag.

 November 10th Sunday

 Regal, Colchester.




November 11th


1 Week at The Finsbury Park Empire. This date was changed to February 10th 1958. Johnny Duncan and The Blue Grass Boys played in place of Lonnie. The reason for this may have been the filming and recording the soundtrack for the film 6.5 Special at Pinewood Film Studio’s Iver Heath Buckinghamshire.

November 13th Tuesday

The Olympia Music Hall, Paris, France. LD made a flying visit to Paris and back, to be on France’s most popular radio show “Europe One” at the French equivalent of the London Palladium.

 November 13th  Lonnie & Peter Buchanan were in a car that hit a wandering New Forest Pony. The car ended upside down in a ditch, the driver had serious spinal injuries. Lonnie & Peter were treated for shock and bruises.   Were they hurring to much because of the Paris trip?
November 16th
 ATV Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular The Lonnie Donegan Show 

November 18th

1 Week at The Hippodrome Birmingham

November 19th Tuesday
 Saturdays Val Parnell Show Repeated.

November 25th

1 Week at The Empire Leeds

November 29th

Jack Payne's Of The Record

 December 2nd

 1 Week at The Empire Newcastle 






December 12th

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London the Variety Artists Ladies Guild and Orphanage Annual Dinner and Ball.

 December 14th
 BBC Six - Five Special

December 26th to the end of January 1958.

Aladdin Empire Chiswick 



For full programe go to Lonnie

Programmes http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm

A review from The NME.



 December 29th
 ATV The Jack Jackson Show

Unknown Dates.



These concerts obviously occurred as Lonnie signed this programme!


The dates for these shows, are as follows :- February 1957, 7th, 8th, 9th & 17th.









These concerts obviously occurred as Lonnie signed this  programme! 

PS - Colchester was November 10th



  * in BLUE As printed in The Lonnie Donegan Fan Club Magazine Vol. 1 October 1957.


                                        1957 USA TOUR

 This tour was possibly a first for a British artiste, Lonnie played to crowds of 150,000 people.

This may have had something to do with Lonnie was support to the biggest names in America at the time … The Harlem Globetrotters.



March 31st

Madison Square Gardens

April 1st


April 2nd


April 3rd


April 4th

Rayleigh NC

April 5th

Hershey PA

April 6th


April 7th

St. Louis

April 8th


April 9th

Kansas City

April 10th


April 11th

Eugene Oregon

April 12th

San Francisco

April 13th

Los Angeles

April 14th


April 15th


April 16th

Evansville Indiana

April 17th


April 18th



1958 DATES



 January 3rd Friday.

 NME, Three articles and two adverts.






January 12th Sunday
ABC (US) Top Numbers
January 12th Sunday

NME Poll Winners Concert, Royal Albert Hall 











January 17th Friday

 NME. Two articles.


January 25th SaturdayFinal night of The Panto “Aladdin” at The Empire, Chiswick
 January 27th Monday

The Registry Office, Kensington, London, then on to the Star Club, Soho, London W1. LD attended the wedding and reception of his lead guitarist Jimmy Curry. The bride and groom left the reception to go for two weeks honeymoon, meaning there was no Skiffle group shows during that time.


January 31st

The Show Biz XI Football Team play their first game, beating The Daily Sketch 5-1, Lonnie scores 1 goal.

NME. Article.

 The film was never made.

February 7th Friday

 NME Article.


February 10th 

Week at The Finsbury Park Empire Rearranged Date From 11th Nov 1958


February 15th Saturday
ATV The Jack Jackson Show

February 17th

Granada Shrewsbury


February 24th
The Empire Theatre Leeds.

Released in March

6-5 Special Film 

March 1st

The Commercial Club Leeds. Meeting of the LD Leeds Skiffle Club Saturday AM.

March 9th

Odeon St Albans 


This programme sold for £32 on Ebay, early 2011. Owner Unknown.

March 10/11/12 & 19thRecording second LP “Lonnie” at Pye Studios.

March 14th

2nd benefit concert for Big Bill Broonsey at The Dominion Theatre, includes Lonnie


March 22nd Saturday.
 BBC 6 - 5 Special
March 23rd Sunday

 Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester. Showbiz XI Football Match.



March 24th Monday. The Opera House, Belfast. For one week.
March 31st Monday.

Gaumont, Worcester for one week

April 7th Monday.The Coventry Theatre, Coventry. For one week.

April 14th Monday.

Granada, Kettering



April 15th Tuesday
Granada, Grantham, Lincolnshire.
April 16th Wednesday

                                                                                                                      Granada, Bedford.



April 17th Thursday.

Granada, Aylesbury.


April 18th Friday Granada, Maidstone, Kent.

April 21st

Cardiff Odeon This show was actually held at The Gaumont

April 28th Monday
BBC Panorama report on a rock and roll correspondence course with Lonnie as a guest
April 29th TuesdayGranada TV, Chelsea At Eight


During May Lonnie may be filming, but as nothing definite has been arranged we can not give you any details. Eventually Cancelled

May 1st Thursday

Upton Park football ground, West Ham. London. LD played in a charity football match for the Showbiz X1 against a team of Boxers and Jockey’s


May 10th
ATV The Jack Jackson Show
May 11th Sunday

  Gaumont, Ipswich.



May 18th Sunday.
 The Gaumont Cinema, Salisbury, Wiltshire for one night.
May 22nd
BBC The Billy Cotton Band Show
May 23rd Friday

 NME Article.


May 31st Harringay Arena, Starlight Dance (In Aid Of The Spastics)

This was possibly the first ever full scale arena concert. Broadcast live on ATV as Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular.

The Show featured the following stars of the day.

Marian Ryan, The Stargazers, Hohnny Dankworth, Dennis Lotus, Vera Lynn, Ronnie Carol, Lorrae Desmond, Glen Mason, Lonnie Donegan, Petula Clark, Gary Miller, Earle & Vaughn, Jackie Dennis, Eric Delaney, Laurie London, The Mudlarks, Cyril Stapleton, Michael Desmond, Matt Monro & Al Fairweather.




June 2nd
The Empire Theatre Sheffield for one week.
June 16th
The Winter Gardens Theatre Bournemouth for one week.

June 24th Tuesday
Granada TV Chelsea At Eight Forty - Five

Page from this months Photo Play.



July 3rd

The Scottish Royal Variety Show, Alhambra Theatre, Glasgow. After at a Buffet supper, Rose suite, Princess Restaurant, 99 Renfield Street, Glasgow.

July 7th

6 Weeks Blackpool Palace (Matinees)







July 8th

Record Mirror Cocktail Party, The Norfolk Hydro Hotel, Blackpool.

* In BLUE as printed in The Lonnie Donegan Fan Club Magazine Vol. 2 Spring 1958.

July 22nd Tuesday.  BBC Northern Lights. Jack Watson introduces the stars performing at Northern holiday resorts.
August 16th
 BBC The 6-5 Special. The show was broadcast live from The Villa Marina, Douglas, Isle of Man. LD flew to the Isle of Man immediately after finishing his Matinee performance in Blackpool on Saturday afternoon, arriving more than half way through the live TV transmission  



September Date Unknown


Scan of newspaper article announcing the birth of Lonnie's second daughter Corrina.



September 2nd

Ritz Wigan                      


September 5th Friday
The Ritz Cinema, Huddersfield
September 7th
The Savoy Theatre, Exeter, Devon.
The Granada Cinema, Dover.
September 13th
ATV Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular: Shower Of Stars

September 15th

Lonnie leaves London Airport for tour of Sweden, Germany & Denmark for radio & TV appearances.

October 4th
ATV Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular.
October 6th
The Empire Theatre Liverpool for one week. LD visited The Cavern Club whilst appearing at this venue.

October 12th

 Odeon, St. Albans.


October 19th

Regal Colchester

October 20th

The Hippodrome Birmingham for 1 week.


October 27th
The Empire Theatre Glasgow for one week.

Whilst in Glasgow LD recorded Tom Dooley at Scottish Television Studio’s Glasgow.

November 5th Wednesday
ATV The Jack Jackson Show

Sheet Music for Lonnie's Latest single.


November 17th

6 nights Hippodrome Manchester

November 26th Wednesday
November 29th Saturday BBC The Billy Cotton Band Show

From The 1958 NME Annual.





December 3rd Wednesday
ATV The Jack Jackson Show
December 8th
The New Theatre Oxford for 1 week. During this week, on the 13th Chewing Gum was recorded live.
December 24th
The Globe Theatre Stockton On Tees in the pantomime Aladdin for the Christmas Season.


1959 DATES


January 10th Saturday.

This was the last night of Aladdin at The Globe Theatre Stockton on Tees.


January 11th Sunday

NME Poll Winners Concert, Royal Albert Hall.














January 12th Monday.

The Regal Theatre Hull. For one week, LD starred in the Pantomime “Aladdin” This show transferred from The Globe Theatre Stockton on Tees.

January 24th

Oh Boy TV Show Empire Hackney

January 31st

Val Parnell Spectacular Putting On The Donegan (TV)

February 4th Wed
ATV The Jack Jackson Show
February 23rd

Embassy Theatre Peterborough Variety Show, 1 Week. With Billy Dainty & Miki & Griff


March 2nd Mon
Alfred Marks Time
March 15th Sunday.

The Arena, Old Dagenham Park, Vicarage Road, Dagenham, Essex. TV Allstars XI v Trade Music Guild XI Football Match.  


For full programme go to TV Allstars http://tinyurl.com/nqsw4h4 


March 22nd

Record Star Show, Empire Pool Wembley

March 23rd Monday.

The Palace Theatre, London, W.1. With Alma Cogan.  

For full programme go to -  http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm 




March 28th Saturday.

The Festival Gardens, Battersea, London, Lonnie and Petula Clarke opened the gardens


April 7th

Lyons France Music Festival

April 14th Tues

BBC Panorama, The White Defence League article with members of the Stars Campaign for Interracial Friendship - Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Dankworth, Cleo Laine, Yana.

April 18th

Oh Boy TV Show Empire Hackney

April 26th Sunday
Sunday Night At The London Palladium.
April 29th Wed
ATV The Jack Jackson Show
May 2nd Saturday

Wealdstone Football Ground. TV All Stars XI Vs Frankie Vaughn's Boys' Club XI.


May 7th
The Granada Kingston, The Lonnie Donegan Show.

May 16th

Drumbeat (TV)

May 18th

Coventry Theatre


Full programme can be found here http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm Pictures 42 - 50.

May 22nd Friday

 Article from todays NME.

 It says LONNIE DONEGAN was a happy addition to last week-ends "Drumbeat" He is pictured here at the piano with JOHN BARRY (centre) and BOB MILLER.

May 24th

Showbiz XI Stanley Stadium Liverpool

May 25th

Empire Newcastle

May 26th
First series of Putting On The Donegan starts on ATV.

June 1st

Hippodrome Bristol. 

For one week. LD recorded Battle Of New Orleans during this week.


June 8th   Gaumont Southampton  for one week. Scan of ticket from Railroad Bill  


June 10th

Royal Aquarium Great Yarmouth. Advertised as, twice nightly  Summer Season.


Full programme can be found here :- http://tinyurl.com/q25t7h4 


July 3rd Fri
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
July 10th Fri
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
July 17th Fri
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
July 24th Fri
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
July 31st Fri
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
August 14th FriBBC The Lonnie Donegan Show (Excerpt from his Great Yarmouth Summer Season Show).
August 16th
St, James Church, Great Yarmouth for the annual Actors service.  LD & Group sang three spirituals.

September 17th

Val Parnell's Startime TV Show recorded at either The Empire Hackney or Granada Bandstand. I can't proof or disproof either!

September 19th Saturday
Val Parnell's Startime Broadcast
September 22nd Tues
ATV Disc Break

October 11th

Sports Stadium, Brighton (Brighton Palladium)











October 13th

Song Parade Granada TV

October 15th

Crackerjack BBC TV Show

October 17th


ABC After Hours

October 18th

Regal Edmonton Charity Event. 

Two pages fromThe Programme.



October 20th

1 Week Variety Birmingham Hippodrome

October 22nd & 23rd

Pye Studio’s London

Recording LD’s third LP, Lonnie Rides Again.

October 26th

1 Week Variety Birmingham Hippodrome


Full programme can be found here:- http://tinyurl.com/krtb99h

November 2rd

Empire Liverpool


 November 15th Sunday

 Sunday Night At The Brighton Palladium















November 19th

Startime (TV) recorded at The Hackney Empire

November 21st

After Hours (TV)

December 13th

Gaumont Derby 

December 20th

Regal Colchester

December 24th – 23 January 1960

 Robinson Crusoe Empire Finsbury Park



 Full programme can be found here:- http://tinyurl.com/q3bbfpv

December 28th

Series 2 Putting On The Donegan Starts



Date Unknown

Vesuvius VII (US Short film based on 77 Sunset Strip)



Putting on the Donegan

1st show Monday 28th December 1959
2nd Show Monday 4th January 1960 (Gloryland)
3rd Show Monday 11th January 1960 (Fancy Talking Tinker)

3rd Series on Thursdays

1st show 30th June 1960. John Henry, Irishman, Dustman. (Les had a new guitar, possibly the Gibson)
2nd show 7th July 1960 Worried Man, Wanna Go Home, Sylvie, Take this Hammer
3rd show 14th July 1960 Golden Vanity, Ain’t No More Cane, Down by the Riverside
4th show 21st July 1960 Jenny’s Ball, Corrinne Corrina, Beyond the Sunset, Lorelei with Les on Banjo)
5th show 28th July 1960 Stewball, Black Girl, Grand Coulee Dam, Jack O’ Diamonds
6th show 4th August 1960 Wabash Cannonball, Lost John, Chewing Gum, It is no Secret, Midnight Special, Rock Island Line.


Information from the diaries of Paul Griggs.






January 4th Monday
 ATV, Putting On The Donegan
January 11th Monday
ATV, Putting On The Donegan
February 9th Tuesday
The Kings Theatre, Southsea, Portsmouth.

February 10th Wednesday.The Gaumont, Cardiff.
February 11th Thursday.The Regal, Gloucester.
February 12th Friday.TheOdeon, Chelmsford.

February 13th  Saturday.

Page from The Portsmouth Evening News.


To be able to read this article, go to The Gallery.


February 15th Monday.The Ritz, Cleethorpe.
February 16th Tuesday.
The Ritz Cinema, Cleethorpes.
February17th Wednesday. 
The Regal Cinema, Cambridge.
February 18th Thursday.
The Savoy Cinema, Northampton.
February 19th Friday.The Gaumont, Chester.

February 20th

Gaumont Cinema Doncaste. 

LD’s third Number One, My Old Man’s A Dustman, recorded on this date and released as a single, less than a month later on 16th March 1960.

February 21st

NME Poll Winners Concert Empire Pool Wembley



For full programme go to:- http://tinyurl.com/q3477zp




March 5th

New York City

Recording Yankee Doodle Donegan EP, produced by legendary writers and producers , Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

 1 A different version of Take This Hammer, not the one on Lonnie Rides Again.
2 Corrine Corrina which appeared on the Yankee Doodle Donegan EP.
3 In All My Wildest Dreams which became the B side of Lorelei.
4 Beyond The Sunset, a different version of that which was the B side of the Virgin Mary single.
5 Nobody Understands me. which was on the YDD EP.

 March 10th

New York City

Recording Yankee Doodle Donegan EP, produced by legendary writers and producers , Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

 6 Junco Partner which was on YDD.
7 Lorelei which was released as a single.
8 Wreck of The John, a dreadful version of one of LD's classics. Released in the UK for the first time in 1993, on More Than Pye in the Sky, and bloody lucky to get out then, if you ask me.
9 Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass, a Leiber and Stoller song originally recorded by The Coasters, also on YDD. and easily the best of the nine recordings.

March 20th Sunday
ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium
March 26th - Week Ending.

Record and Show Mirror front page.


March 27th

Empire Poll Wembly, Concert by The Stars Organisation For Spastics.



 For full programme go to:-  http://tinyurl.com/l26x73j



 AdamFaith, Cliff Richard & Lonnie having fun.

April 25th Monday

The Granada, Kingston.

 April 26th Tuesday.The Granada, Harrow.   Link to full programme 


 April 27th Wednesday.The Granada, Harrow, Middlesex.
April 28th Thursday.The Granada, Maidstone.
April 29th Friday.The Granada, Dartford.
April 30th Saturday.The Adelphi, Slough.
May 1st Monday.The Granada, Reading.
May 4th Thursday.The Granada, Bedford.
May 5th Friday.The Granada, Kettering.
May 6th Saturday.The Granada, Grantham.
May 7th Sunday.The Granada, Mansfield.
May 11th Thursday

The Golden Disc Lunceon at The Dorchester Hotel, London.


May 19th
The Royal Variety Show, Victoria Palace, London.

May 20th

Peter Buchanan's Wedding

May 22nd

ATV The Royal Variety Show, from The Victoria Palace Theatre London.

June 6th
The Empire Theatre Leeds for one week.Puttin' On The Donegan.

June 13th

Moss Hippodrome Brighton,Puttin' On The Donegan for one week.

June 25th

12 Weeks Regal Great Yarmouth


For full programme go to:- http://tinyurl.com/kskfazb

June 30th Thursday
ATV Start of the third series of Putting On The Donegan
July 7th Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan
July 8th

 Britain's Best Dressed Man, article from





July 14th
ATV Putting On The Donegan
July 21st Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan
July 28th Thursday

ATV Putting On The Donegan


 Photo's from this shows rehearsal.


August 4th ThursdayATV Putting On The Donegan
August 11th Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan - Excerpt from Lonnie's Summer Season.
September 7th Wednesday
ATV Val Parnell's Star Time
September 17th
The Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth. Last night of "Puttin' On The Donegan" Summer Show.
October 20th Thursday.Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London, the Lady Ratings Ball, Lonnie was part of cabaret.
October 23rd
LD and full company leave for tour of Australia and New Zealand.
December 11th Sunday
 ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium
December 12th Monday
The Theatre Royal, Nottingham. The theatre was closed to enable Lonnie & Company to rehearse for the pantomime Cinderella.
December 24th Saturday. TV “Off The Record”.

December 22nd - March 11th 1961.

 Cinderella The Theatre Royal, Nottingham. Tom Arnold’s production of the pantomime Cinderella, starring LD, at The Theatre Royal Nottingham. Over the course of the run 136,500 people paid to see it. It did better financially and numerically, than any show since the theatre was built in 1865. Theatre Manager Raymond Lane said “this show could easily have run for another month”




Scans of prog full prog http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm








October 28th & 29th

Capitol Theatre Perth, Western Australia

October 31st, November 1st

The Barton Town Hall Adelaide, South Australia

November 3rd & 5th

The Festival Hall Melbourne, Victoria

November 7th

The Festival Hall Brisbane, Queensland

November 9th, 10th & 12th

The Sydney Stadium, New South Wales

November 11th

City Hall Newcastle, New South Wales




 Full programme can be found here -




November 15th & 16th


November 16th

BP Super Show recorded for ATN Channel 7.


November 17th


November 18th & 19th

The Town Hall, Wellington

November 19th

BP Super Show broadcast on ATN Channel 7, Lonnie was the star, but it also featured other guests includong Miki & Griff.

November 21st






The first Luxemburg show was on Monday 14th March 1960 but no details. The second was on Monday 21st March again no details. This was the day after he had appeared on “Sunday Night at The London Palladium” (20/3/60) when he sang “Fancy Talking Tinker” “Tom Dooley” and “Dustman”.

Monday 28th March 3rd show “It is no Secret”
Monday 4th April 4th show “Ace in the Hole”
Monday 11th April 5th show “Fancy Talking Tinker” “Careless Love” “Railroad Bill” “San Miguel”
Monday 18th April 6th show “Dead or Alive” “Alabammy Bound” “Lonesome Traveller” “Gloryland”.
Monday 25th April 7th show “Jimmy Brown” “John Henry” “Ain’t No More Cane” “Battle of New Orleans”
Monday 2nd May 8th show “Golden Vanity” “Kevin Barry” “Fort Worth Jail”
Monday 9th May 9th show “Ham n’ Eggs” “Diggin My Potatoes” “John Hardy” “Putting on the Style”
Monday 16th May 10th show “Take This Hammer” “Laggan Love” “Jenny’s Ball” “Chewing Gum”
Sunday 22nd May recording of Royal Variety show when Lonnie made a mess of Dustman so the show must have been the previous Sunday 15th May
Monday 23rd May 11th show “John Henry” “Mr Froggy” “Rocks in my Bed” “Gamblin Man”
Monday 30th May 12th show “Nobody’s Child” “Railroad Bill” “Irishman”


There were supposed to be thirteen shows in the first Radio Luxemburg series but when I listened on Monday 6th June the last programme did not come on with no reason given.

The second 13 part Radio Luxemburg show began on Friday 7th October and although I listened to a lot of these it is obvious from my diaries that girls were playing a bigger role in my life and I missed some.

I have some information but not much, looking through the diaries again the first series was probably made up completely of sessions recorded specifically for the show, in the second series many records were played.

1st show 7/10/1960. It says he sang a song called “Buddy Gotta Move on down the Line” This may not be the correct title.
2nd show 13/10/1960. His eye is on the Sparrow. Frankie and Johnny.
4th show 28/10/1960. Stay away from my Woman (Could be Leave my woman alone.) and a song called “I Love You” (No idea what that is)

That’s about apart from the fact that the last two shows 23/12/1960 and 30/12/1960 were all records.

Radio Luxemburg details from the diaries of Paul Griggs.


More Radio Luxemburg, this time thanks to Dave Moore.


21 March 1960: Aunt Rhodie
11 April 1960: Careless Love
7 October 1960: Buddy Better Get On Down The Line
14 October 1960: His Eye Is On The Sparrow
28 October 1960: Leave My Woman Alone; You'll Never Know (How Much I Love You)



February 5th

The Hippodrome, Dudley, Birmingham.

The Grand Order Of The Water Rats, Sunday Spectacular.

February 12th

Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium

February 18th Saturday
ATV Saturday Spectacular
March 5th

Empire Poll Wembley, BBC NME Poll Winners Concert.  This I believe was the first Poll Winners Concert to be broadcast.

 For full programme go to:-  http://tinyurl.com/nqn4gjb




 March 11th

Juke Box Jury Panelist (recorded earlier in the day)

Last night of Nottingham Panto.

March 25th Saturday
The Empire Pool Wembley, The Big Night Out.

April 8th

Big Beat Show, Royal Albert Hall


For full programme go to:- http://tinyurl.com/negcrty

April 9th

Advert for Chivers Jelly

May 11th Thursday
The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, Londo. The fifth annual Variety Club Golden Disc Luncheon. LD sang a duet with Joan Regan.
May 11th Thursday
Series four of ATV Putting On The Donegan
May 18th Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan
May 25th Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan 
June 1st Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan
June 2nd Friday  

The Football League Secretaries and Managers Annual Dinner, Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, London. 


 June 8th Thursday
 ATV Putting On The Donegan
June 15th Thursday
ATV Putting On The Donegan
June 17th Saturday
ATV The Jack Jackson Show

June 24th

Summer Season Winter Gardens Pavilion Blackpool


For full programme go to :- http://tinyurl.com/k4xyjjr

July 18th Tuesday

ATV Excerpts From The Summer Show At Blackpool.

With The Tiller Girls.


Winter Gardens Blackpool Michael Row The Boat Recorded Here

August 30th
Morecombe. Lonnie was one of the judges for Miss United Kingdom.

September 10th

The Empire Pool Wembley, NME's The Big Stars of 61

October 7th
Last night of the "Puttin' On TheDonegan" season at The Winter Gardens Blackpool.
November  6th,7th & 8th Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

 New Zealand Tour.

Wellington Town Hall for three nights.

This page is from a Cliff Richard Programme.

 November 9th, 10th & 11th Thursday, Friday & Saturday Aukland Town Hall for three nights.
December 11th Monday - 20th Wednesday. The Hippodrome Theatre Birmingham, theatre closed LD and cast rehearsing “Cinderella”
December 17th Sunday.ATV TV Studio’s recording “Thank Your Lucky Stars” for transmission 23.12.61.
December 21st Thursday - January 14th Saturday

Cinderella, Birmingham Hippodrome.



Full programme link http://tinyurl.com/kbbpx2l

December 23rd

ATV Christmas Thank Your Lucky Stars

December 31st Sunday
ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium.


4th Series of Putting On The Donegan on Thursdays

1st show 11th May 1961. Seven Daffodills, Lonesome Traveller, Leave my Woman Alone, Comedy sketch of Dustman

2nd show 18th May 1961. Black Cat, Miss Otis, I shall not be moved, Have a drink,

3rd show 25th May 1961. Darlin Corey, Just wearying for you, Lively, Rock o my Soul,.

4th show 1st June 1961. Lorelei (comedy sketch), Worried Man, Ramblin Round, Bury me beneath the willow.

5th show 8th June 1961. Jack O’ Diamonds, Light from the Lighthouse, Have a drink, Wanna Go Home.

6th show 15th June 1961. Hard Travellin’, Fancy Talking Tinker, 7 Daffodills, Rock Island Line, Frankie & Johnny and a repeat of Dustman sketch and the diary says that Lonnie played bass.

Information from the diaries of Paul Griggs.




January 7th Sunday.ATV TV Studio’s recording “Thank Your Lucky Stars” for transmission 13.1.62.

January 13th

ATV Thank Your Lucky Stars

January 21st

ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium, he sang Have A Drink, Dustman & Comancheros

March 25th

The Empire Pool, Wembley, Concert by The Stars Organisation For Spastics.

Earlier on the same day, ATV TV Studio’s recording “Thank Your Lucky Stars” for transmission 31.3.62.

March 31st

ATV Thank Your Lucky Stars

April 22nd Sunday
ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium.
May 1st Tuesday.Palace Theatre, Manchester. 

 LD's fifth album "Hallelujah" recorded.
May 27th
 The Opera House, Blackpool. Charity performance for the Jewish Commitee to aid deserving charities.
 June 30th

ABC Regal Great Yarmouth. For Summer Season.


July 6th Friday

Series Five of ATV Putting On The Donegan. 

July 13th Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
July 2oth Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
July 27th Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
August 3rd Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
August 10th Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan.
August 22nd Wednesday

Charity Football Match, Great Yarmouth.







August 31st Friday. The Brittania Theatre, Great Yarmouth. LD appeared in a Midnight Matinee featuring entertainers from the various summer shows.
October 9th
Village Gate Club, New York USA. For four weeks.

October 12th

Johnny Carson Show (US TV)

December 9th

ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium (Denny back on guitar)

December 15th Saturday
BBC Juke Box Jury
December 17th Sunday - 23rd Saturday.The Grand Theatre Leeds Theatre closed, LD and cast rehearsing “Cinderella” 

December 24th Sunday to March 9th 1963

Cinderella Grand Theatre Leeds











April 5th Friday
ATV Series Six OF POTD, this series is called Donegan's On Again
April 19th Friday ATV Donegan's On Again 
April 26th Friday
ATV Donegan's On Again
May 3rd Friday
ATV Donegan's On Again
May 10th FridayATV Donegan's On Again 
May 17th Friday
ATV Donegan's On Again 
May 24th Friday
ATV Donegan's On Again 

May 25th

Puttin’ On The Donegan Queens Theatre Blackpool.

The contents centre page of this programme, can be found on The Progamme Page.



For full programme go to :- http://tinyurl.com/o3cbaxu

June 2nd Sunday.ATV TV Studio’s recording “Thank Your Lucky Stars” for transmission 8th June 1963.

June 8th

ABC Thank Your Lucky Stars

August 11th The Floral Hall, Scarborough. 
August 25th
ATV One Hour Special Putting On The Donegan
September 3rd

 Open Air Bath, Blackpool. Miss United Kingdom. (Judge)

October 13th Sunday.ATV TV Studio’s recording “Thank Your Lucky Stars” for transmission 19th October 1963

October 19th

ABC Thank Your Lucky Stars, this must have been recorded because this was the last night of the Blackpool Summer Show.

November 24th Sunday
The Billy Cotton Band Show
 December 23rd Monday

 Lonnie's Christmas Party, The Globe Theatre Stockton

Pictures and details courtesy of  Barry Jones & Stan Laundon at http://www.stanlaundon.com/globe.html






January 6th The ABC Cinema, Hull. “Lonnie’s Christmas Party.” This entire show transferred from The Globe Theatre, Stockton on Tees which closed 4.1.64. 
March 2nd 

La Dolce Vita Nightclub, Newcastle upon Tyne For two weeks. This engagement appears to be LD’s first bona fide UK nightclub cabaret appearance and would represent a major coup for the club.

March 23rd The Empire Theatre, Liverpool for One Week.

March 30th

1 Week Palace Theatre Manchester

April 3rd Friday
 Series Seven. ATV Putting On The Donegan
April 10th Friday
 ATV Putting On The Donegan
April 17th Friday
 ATV Putting On The Donegan
April 24th Friday
 ATV Putting On The Donegan
May 1st Friday
 ATV Putting On The Donegan
May 2nd Saturday.The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee. “The Grand Ole Opry”
May 6th, 7th & 8th Nashville Tennessee, USA. Recording with the doyen of Nashville session musicians for The Hickory Label.
May 8th Friday
 ATV Putting On The Donegan
May 9th SaturdayThe Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee. The second week running at “The Grand Ole Opry”

May 17th

Opera House Blackpool

May 22nd Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan 
May 29th Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan
June 5th Friday
ATV Putting On The Donegan 
June 6th Saturday.Lowestoft, Suffolk, Lonnie married Jill Westlake
July 6th Monday

The Brighton Hippodrome Theatre for two weeks.


For full programme go to 


Pictures 94 -102.


July 27th
Off to Australia for six weeks of cabaret.
September 19th Saturday
BBC 2 Open House


Vote For The Stars. Granada TV. 

November 7th Saturday
BBC 1 The Billy Cotton Band Show
December 12th Saturday
BBC 1 Juke Box Jury
December 26th 

The Gaumont Cinema, Hanley, Stoke On Trent. For the Pantomime “Aladdin” LD starred as “Wishee Washee” This appears to be a show put together at short notice, probably because other projects had fallen through. At the end of the first performance LD thanked the Potteries audience for giving “the dress rehearsal” such a warm welcome, hinting at the difficulties the cast had encountered with the limited theatrical facilities of the cinema stage, poor lighting and sound.


1964 (Oct 16th) -1966 (Feb 12th)

Regular guest on The Kathy Kirby TV Show

Photo of Kathy Kirby in Barbados.

Thought this would make a change from another Photo of Lon.



January 3rd Sun

ATV Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium Star's Organisation for Spastics Special

January 9th Saturday

The Gaumont Cinema Hanley, Stoke on Trent. The final night of “Aladdin”

January 11th Monday

The Gaumont Cinema Derby For one week the Pantomime “Aladdin” This show transferred from The Gaumont Hanley

January 18th Monday

The Gaumont Ipswich. For one week The Pantomime “Aladdin” This show transferred from The Gaumont Derby

January 19th Tuesday

Photo Call - Ipswich Gaumont

February 2nd TuesdayClub Strada, Sunderland for one week.

4th Feb Thurs

BBC 1 The Andy Stewart Show

February 14th SundayThe Central Hotel, Glasgow for a dinner and dance in aid of The Roosevelt Memorial Fund. Lonnie's part of The Cabaret.
February 22nd MondayTito's Club, Scunthorpe for one week.
March 21st Sunday

 The Record Star Show, Empire Pool, Wembley. Lonnie was one of the compares.






April 19th Monday

The Pavilion, Glasgow for one



April 26th MondayThe Lyceum Club, Bradford, West Yorkshire for Two Weeks.
May 24th MondayThe Oak Leaf Night Club, Middlesborough.
May 24th Monday

The Starlight Club, Redcar. No this isn't a mistake – Lonnie doubled up and played both clubs for one week.

July 1st Thursday

Great Yarmouth Town Hall for a thank you reception and buffet luncheon arranged by the Great Yarmouth Town Council and Publicity Association for the entertainers appearing in the town.

July 2nd to Mid September

The Royal Aquarium Great Yarmouth The Big Star Show of 1965


July 17th Saturday. BBC Light Programme (radio)  Yes, It’s Great Yarmouth.  Peter Goodright introduces some of the artistes appearing at local theatres.
July 29th Thursday

Anglia TV. “That Show” written by and starring Sid Green and Dick Hills, this show was made by Southern TV and was shown at different times in the various ITV Region.

August 19th Thursday

Midnight Matinee Charity Show. Brittannia Pier, Gt Yarmouth.

August 24th Tuesday.Yarmouth Town Football Club. Lonnie & Pete Appleby are in the Showbiz XI. 
September 18th SaturdayThe final night of The Big Star Show at The Royal Aquarium, Great Yarmouth.
November 11th ThursdayThe Cavendish Club, Newcastle Apon Tyne.
November 11th Thursday 

Wetherell’s Club Sunderland. For the second time this year, Lonnie doubled up and played both clubs for one week

20th November
The Kathy Kirby Show.

29th Nov Mon

Redifusion Stars And Garters


From The Stars of 6-5 Special Annual.








6th Dec Mon

Redifusion Stars And Garters

December 11th SaturdayWashington's Club,Salhoouse, Lowestoft.
December 19th SundayThe New Carlton Club, Chesterfield. For one week.
December 19th SundayThe Ace Of Clubs, Worksop. LD doubled up playing both clubs for one week

December 21st Tuesday

Associated Redifusion  TV The Five O'clock Club snip from the web site of Herbies People.

December 21st Tuesday

ABC TV Studio’s Birmingham. Recording Thank Your Lucky Stars, for transmission at a later date.

27th Dec Mon

Redifusion Stars And Garters




3rd January Monday Redifusion Stars And Garters
16th January Sunday
 Scala Progressive Club Doncaster for one week
16th January Sunday
The Greaseborough Social Club, Rotherham. For one week. LD doubled up playing both clubs for one week
March 7th Monday The Lyceum Rainbow Club, Bradford for one week.

March 27th

The London Palladium Show (TV)

March 28th MondayEntertaining British service personnel in the Combined Services on Cyprus with “The Lonnie Donegan Show” for two weeks
April 1st
Cyprus for three week, entertaining the troops.
April 11th MondayEntertaining British service personnel in the Combined Services at El Adem Libya, Benghazi Libya, and Malta with “The Lonnie Donegan Show” for two weeks.
20th April Wednesday
 ATV The Des O'Connor Show
May 2nd MondayThe Starlight Club, Blackburn, Lancashire for one week.
May 2nd MondayThe 77 Club, Brierfield, near Burnley, Lancashire for one week. LD doubled up and played both clubs for one week
May 15th SundayABC TV Studios, Birmingham, recording Thank Your Lucky Stars. Transmitted May 21st.

May 21st

Thank Your Lucky Stars (TV)

June ??


Review from an Bermuda paper.  The reviewer did not like Lonnie or his type of music, so ripped him apart.  

Date unknown
Summer Season Rhyll.

June 30th


World Cup Final, Lonnie watched it in Mexico

3rd July Sunday

The London Palladium Show (TV)

September 11th SundayThe Seacroft Social Club, Seacroft Leeds for one week.
September 19th MondayThe Club Fiesta, Stockton On Tees for one week. 
Forthcoming Attractions Card. 

October 11th Tuesday & 12th WednesdayThe New Theatre, Oxford for two nights, Supporting Tom Jones.
October 15th SaturdayThe ABC , Blackpool, one night supporting Tom Jones. 
October 17th MondayThe Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton for one week, supporting The Bachelors.

November 5th Saturday

The Val Doonican Show (TV)

December 1st

The Alhambra Theatre Glasgow, Cinderella.  






March 18th Saturday  The Alhambra Theatre, Glasgow final night of pantomime Cinderella.

 April 17th Monday.

The Lido Club, Liverpool for one week.

April 20th

Dee Time (TV)

April 23rd SundayThe Batley Variety Club, Batley, West Yorkshire.
April 23rd SundayThe Ritz Theatre Club, Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

LD doubled up playing both clubs for one week .

May 7th

The London Palladium Show (TV)

May 8th Monday Club Tempo, Highbury Corner, Islington, London. For one week, LD opened the club
May 15th Monday  The Castaways Theatre Club, Birmingham.
May 27th/28th & 29th

The Princes Theatre, Torquay, with The Moody Blues.


June 11th

1 Week Caesar’s Palace Dunstable / Luton Rare tapes recorded here

June 13th
The Des O'Connor Show
June 26th Monday

The Bottom's Up Club, Consett, County Durham for one week.

June 26th Monday

Botto’s Club, Newcastle upon Tyne for one week. LD doubled up and played both clubs for one week

July 8th SaturdayTito’s Night Club, Cardiff, South Wales for one week LD opened the club.
July 17th Monday

The Starlight Club, Blackburn, Lancashire for one week.

July 17th Monday

The Cabaret Club, Burnley, Lancashire for one week. LD doubled up and played both clubs for one week

July 24th MondayThe Kingsway Casino Club, Southport, Merseyside for one week
August 7th Monday.

Jersey, The Battle Of Flowers.


August 14th Monday

Club Fiesta, Stockton On Tees for one week.


November 18th

The Golden Shot (TV)

December 22nd – March 9th 1968

Aladdin The Kings Theatre, Glasgow.




May 6th Monday.Tito's Night Club, Cardiff for one week.

May 11th

The Des O'Connor Show  (TV)

May 27th MondayAllinson’s Theatre Club, Liverpool.
May 27th MondayThe Shakespeare Club Liverpool. LD doubled up and played both clubs for one week.

June 14th

Summer Season  ABC Blackpool  with Engleburt Humperdink



July 27th
The Big Show, possibly ATV
September 29th Sunday Elstree TV Studio’s, Borehamwood Herts, recording Jack Good “Master of Pop” for LWT TV (renamed Saturday Stars) Broadcast on October 26th this year.
October 5th SaturdayThe ABC Theatre Blackpool, for the final night of “Holiday Star Time” Lonnie Donegan and Les Bennetts (as they were billed) supported Englebert Humperdinck. More than 400,000 people saw the show.

October 20th

Frost On Sunday

October 26th

Saturday Stars (TV)

November 30th
The Coventry Theatre with Rolf Harris 

December 30th

Talk Of The Town, Supporting Judy Garland




  Page from Mark Goodwins Booking Diary.


January 11th

The Saturday Crowd, London Weekend Television.

January 18th

The Saturday Crowd LWT



January 25th

The Saturday Crowd LWT

February 1st

The Saturday Crowd LWT

February 3rd

Talk Of The Town for one week. Lonnie took over top spot from Judy Garland who was taken ill.

February 8th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

February 15th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

February 22nd

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

March 1st

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

March 8th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

March 15th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

March 22nd

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

March 29th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

March 31st Monday

The Golden Garter Nightclub. Wythenshaw, Manchester, for one week.

  Picture with 5 members of Sheps Banjo Boys the resident support act (with thanks to John Orchard (Sheps Piano Player) for the photo.

April 5th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

April 12th

The Saturday Crowd (TV)

May 5th MondayLa Dolce Vita Nightclub, Newcastle Upon Tyne, for one week.
May 12th MondayThe Cavendish Club, Blackburn, for one week.
May 25th SundayThe Cavendish Club Birmingham for one week.
May 25th SundayLa Dolce Vita, Birmingham for one week LD doubled up playing both clubs for one week

May 25th

The Golden Shot (TV) This was recorded at an earlier date.

June 6th

Holiday Startime ABC Great Yarmouth


September 6th SaturdayThe ABC Theatre Great Yarmouth. The final night of the “Holiday Star Time” summer show
September 12th

The Hollywood Palace US TV Show. Rehersals followed by the recording



October 6th The Talk Of The Town, London for four weeks. 

October 25th

The Hollywood Palace (US TV) with Engleburt Humperdink

October 25th to 29thATV Studios, Borehamwood, recording TV series “Lonnie”
November 26th
ATV Series Eight of POTD, this series is called Lonnie
December 10th
ATV Lonnie
December 17th
ATV Lonnie

 Lonnie was a regular visitor to The Saturday Crowd, he performed (I believe) on all the shows.


 January 7th
ATV Lonnie,guests include Peter Noone (Herman - Hermans Hermits)


January 12th Monday.LD left London to fly to Canada and then on to Las Vegas. 
January 14th
ATV Lonnie, guests include Lulu & Miki Anthony
January 21st
ATV Lonnie 
Lonnie with The Skilletts

January 22nd

The Tom Jones Show ATV

February 17th TuesdayThe Riviera Hotel, the Versailles Room, Las Vegas. For three weeks supporting Vikki Carr. LD’s opening was described as ”fantastically successful”
March 3rdThe Merv Griffiths Show From Las Vegas.
March 10th TuesdayThe Riviera Hotel, the Versailles Room, Las Vegas. For three weeks supporting Roger Miller. 

May 2nd

This Is Tom Jones. ITV TV

Date unknown

Las Vegas with Vic Damone

July 18th

The Des O’Connor Show. LWT TV

August 8th

It’s Lulu. BBC 1 TV

August 19th

Kraft Music Hall (TV)

September 19th Saturday The Tower, Blackpool. The final night of the “Stardust Gardens” summer show. Start date not known. 

October 26th Monday

The London Palladium for two weeks, supporting Tony Bennett.

Full programme can be found here http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm  Pictures 31 - 41.






November 4th
Jokers Wild
December 24th
Christmas Eve At The Golden Garter Nightclub, Recorded  Wythenshawe Manchester earlier in the year.

December 17th – February 6th

The Opera House Manchester in the Panto Cinderella.  Cinders was played by Mary Hopkin, and Dandini was played by a very young David Essex.














1970 to 1972 Lonnie was a regular panelist on the TV program Jokers Wild, exact dates of his appearances are unknown.




 March 3rd
 Riviera, Las Vegas supporting Vic Damone

March 6th

The Melody Lingers On TV

 June 22nd 

Start of the LD, Mary Hopkin summer season which was called the “Jubilee Show” because the theatre (The Winter Gardens Margate) was celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 1971.


 Programme from this show.



July 3rd Saturday

Windmill Fair, St John's Playing Fields, Margate




September 18th Saturday

The Winter Gardens Margate. The final night of the “Jubilee Show” summer season

 More form the programme.


Sunday November 21st

Wookey Hollow, Liverpool for one week.

Sunday November 28th

Ocean Club, Cardiff for one week.

December 26th Sunday The New Cresta Club, Solihull, Birmingham for one week


April 6th Thursday Cleopatra’s Club, Bristol. It does seem strange that this show started on a Thursday but, that is the date listed in The Stage. 
April 6th Thursday Cleopatra’s Club, Newport, South Wales LD doubled up and played both clubs for one week
April 11thBruce Forsyth and The Generation Game.
May 1st MondayThe Golden Garter Nightclub, Wythenshawe, Manchester for one week.
May 15th MondayWakefield Theatre Club, Wakefield, West Yorkshire for one week.
May 22nd MondayThe Talk of the North Club, Eccles near Manchester for one week.

June 7th

Jokers Wild (TV)

June 12th

Summer Season Floral Hall Scarborough

Full programme added to Lonnie Programmes http://tinyurl.com/p4xo9zm

September 16th SaturdayFinal night of the Floral Hall Scarborough summer season. 

October 7th

ATV Saturday Variety

Sunday October 8thATV The Golden Shot
October 15thMiami Bowl, Morecambe 1 Week 

Evening Mail September 7th


Evening Mail October 12th


Evening Mail October 19th

 October 25th
 Lift Off with Ayshea.
November 20th Monday  New Tito’s Nightclub, Cardiff for one week. 

December 6th

German Tour 1st stop Kiel   Photo is with the German band Leinemann




December 23rd – February 10th

Robinson Crusoe Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth

For complete programme go to






January 10th

Musikladen (German TV)

February 8th

Jokers Wild(TV)

February 15th

Jokers Wild(TV)

March 18th Sunday. Fagin's Club, Oxford Road, Manchester for one week.
April 3rd
Scotch Corner
September 9th Sunday The Westfield Country Club, Cottingham near Hull for one week.

September 10th

The Pig And Whistle Canadian TV

September 23rd SundayThe Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex for one week.
October 1st MondayThe Oasis Club, Rotherham, South Yorks for one week.

October 8th

The Pig And Whistle Canadian TV

December 22nd SaturdayThe Ocean Nitespot, Margate, Kent.
December 24th Monday The Ocean Nitespot, Margate, Kent.


February 24th Sunday.Jollee’s Night Club, Longton, Stoke on Trent for one week.
March 11th Monday.The Penthouse Club, London for one week.
April23rd Tuesday.The Princess Hall, Aldershot for one night.

April 27th

The Wheeltappers And Shunters Club. LWT TV

May 6th Monday.Bailey’s Nightclub, Leicester. For one week.

May 22nd

Look Who’s Talking. Border TV

July 1st Monday.The London Palladium Theatre, London, supporting Dorothy Squires for two weeks
1974 New Zealand November 10th to December 12

I only have one date for this tour, if anyone can fill in any more please let me know.

November 11thLower Hutt Town Hall, Wellington, New Zealand.
December 26th Thursday. The Kings Country Club, Eastbourne for one week.


January 6th Monday. The Nashville Rooms, London for one week. 
January 13th Monday. The Meadow Vale Country Club, Tonyrefail, South Wales for one week.
January 29th Wednesday

Hochschule Fur Musik, Berlin with The German Band Leinemann.

The Hochschule is I believe a university for music.


February 9th Sunday

Hochschule Fur Musik, Berlin with The German Band Leinemann, for a second show.





February 24th Monday.The Webbington Country Club, Weston Super Mare for one week.
April 20th Sunday.The Martholme Grange Hotel, Altham, Accrington, Lancashire for one week.
June 5th
The Fairfiels Halls Croyden.  The Great Reunion Concert of The Chris Barber Jazz Band.  The recording of this concert has Lonnie singing four songs.
July 13th Sunday. Caister Holiday Centre, Great Yarmouth for one night.
September 1st Monday.The Crystal Rooms, Hereford for one week.
September 7th Sunday.Caister Holiday Centre, Great Yarmouth for one night.
October 13th Monday.Club Double Diamond, Caerphilly, South Wales for one week
October 31st Friday.The Civic Theatre, Bow, London, for one night.
December 3rd
The Royal Albert Hall London.  The biggest night of Rory Gallagher's Tour.  Lonnie was there to introduce Rory.
December 15th Monday.

The Golden Garter Night Club, Wythenshawe, Manchester for one week.  (The Stage lists 14th, The Golden Garter web site 15th)

December 27th


ATV New Faces – Lonnies's first appearance on this show.



January 25th

Celebrity Squares (TV)

February 14th Saturday.The Blue Lagoon, Llanidloes, Mid Wales for one night.

February 21st / 22nd

Glasgow, Recording of The Alexander Brothers TV show, with Guys & Dolls

February 23rd Monday.Eve’s Club, Bromsgrove, Worcs for one week.
March 1st Monday.The Helmarn International Club, Usk, South Wales, for one week
March 6th Saturday.
BBC Radio One. Lonnie Donegan's Top Twelve. Lonnie talks to Brian Matthews and picks 12 tracks.
March 8th Monday.Talk of the West, St Agnes, Cornwall for one week.
March 15th Monday.The Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex for one week.
June 8th Tuesday.The Nite Spot, Bedford for one week.
June 20th & 21st Saturday & Sunday.The Sunset Room at the Darlington Hotel, Ayr, Scotland for two nights.
July 19th Monday.The La Dolce Vita Nightclub Birmingham
July 19th Monday.The Night out Club Birmingham LD doubled up playing both clubs for one week
August 7th

BBC 1, The Sounds Of Scotland, also on this show, Rod Stewart & Gallagher & Lyle. 


May 2nd Monday
Hounslow's Amazing May Day Festival. 

May 7th


LWT, All You Need Is Love Part 13: Hail! Rock N Roll

December 23rd

For the second time at The Royal Albert Hall, Lonnie introduces birthday boy Rory Gallagher




January 4th Wednesday.ZDF TV “Rock Pop” Mainz, West Germany. LD sang “I wanna go home”, “Rock Island Line” both taken from the “Putting on the Style” LP

October 30th Monday.

Theatre Royal, Nottingham

November 7th & 8th Tuesday & Wednesday.

Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich for two nights.

November 9th & 10th Thusday & Friday.

Odean Theatre, Taunton for two nights.

November 11th Saturday.

Gaumont Theatre, Southampton

November 13th Monday.

Opera House, Manchester for one week.

November 16th

Novemner 20th Monday.

Coventry Theatre

November 27th Monday.

Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen for one week.

December 4th/5th/6th Monday - Wednesday.

Gaumont Theatre, Hanley near Stoke On Trent for three nights.

December 7th & 8th Thursday & Friday.

Empire Theatre, Liverpool for two nights.

December 9th Saturday.

Gaumont Theatre, Doncaster. Last night of tour.


I have no proof that the above listed tour actually took place. It has been dated to late 78, early 79 from information within the progamme.  I do believe some if not all the shows did go ahead, as this programme is autographed by Lonnie Donegan.  I now believe that this tour DID go ahead, in fact, there is a reference to it in Spencer Leigh's book "Puttin' On The Style" page 107.

This programme is now part of Railroad Bill's collection, and the scans are from him.

Thanks RB.




If you use the link below, you will find some photo's taken when Lonnie was appearing in Hamburg. The Years are listed, (1973, 1978, 1981, 1996) but not the dates.





March 17th

Saturday Night At The Mill

April 4th

Lennie And Jerry. BBC 1 TV

April 6th

Tonight In Town. BBC 1 TV

April 8th & 9th Sunday and Monday
The Silver Skillet Club, Maidenhead for two nights.
April 10th Tuesday

 The Culpper Club @ Raquels, Basildon.  With Albert Lee on lead guitar.






 Above is a newspaper advert, a ticket, another newspaper cutting and a photo signed by Lonnie on the night.  Thanks to The Culpper Club for sending me the last three.

April 14th Saturday.The Forum, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
April 15th to 18th & 21st.Blazers Club, Windsor for 5 nights. I'm not sure how true this one is, as Lonnie was at Wembley on the 16th (listed below) It is possible that he did both.

April 16th

11th International Festival Of Country Music Wembley. Highlights shown on BBC 2 May 28th.

May 3rd Thursday.The Ponda Rosa Club, Ryde, Isle Of Wight for one night, the night Margaret Thatcher was first elected.
May 19th

Guest at Eric Clapton's Wedding Party, Hurtwood Edge Surrey, where he sang with The Threatles

Also on this night Mick Jagger & Paul McCartney dueted on Get Back.

May 28th
 BBC 2 Sing Country
November 27th
Corn Exchange Ipswich. Appearing with Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes.





January 11th

Yorkshire TV 3-2-1

January 16th Wednesday

BBC Acton

January 20th Sunday

BBC Wood Lane, Lenny & Jerry Show recording, shown March 27th.

January 25th Friday

Sandy's Club, West Bromwich

January 26th Saturday

Nitespot, Bedford.

January 29th Tuesday

Poulton – Le – Fylde, Blackpool

January 30th Wednesday

Shakers Club, Cleethorpes

January 31st Thursday

Shakers Club, Cleethorpes

February 1st Friday

Stardust Club Corby.

February 3rd Sunday

Wealy Castle Social, Selly Oak, Birmingham

February 4th Monday

Watercourse Resturant, Stoubridge, Birmingham.

February 7th Thursday

Ruberry Social Club, Rubeery, Birmingham.

February 9th Saturday

Ex Servicemans Club, Yardley, Birmingham.

February 11th Monday

Silver Skillet, Maidenhead.

February 13th Wednesday

Sunnyside Hotel, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire.

February 14th Thursday

Tramshed, Woolwich, London.

February 21st Thursday

TL & R Club, Tottenham High Road, Tottenham.

February 22nd Friday

Victoria Club, Sheerness, Kent.

February 24th SundayThe Stardust Cabaret Club, Usk, South Wales for a one night Sunday show.

February 28th Thursday

Recreation Centre, Farnborough

February 29th Friday.The Royal Standard Club, Walthamstow for one night. That pub was still there last time we drove through Walthamstow in 2013.

March 7th Friday

Hayes Working Mens Club, Pump Lane Hayes, Middlesex

March 12th Wednesday - 16th Sunday

Park Hotel & Country Club, Charnok Richard, Lancashire.

March 18th

BBC 2 Rhythm On Two, from The Corn Exchange Ipswich. Lonnie Donegan And Friends.

March 20th Thursday

Holyhead to Ireland Boat

March 21st Friday


March 22nd Saturday

Gay Byrne RTE TV Show Dublin.

March 23rd Sunday

Belvedere Hotel, Great Denmark Street, Dublin

March 24th/25th/26th & 27th Monday - Thursday

Olympia Theatre, Dame Street, Dublin, with Dickie Rock.


On the 26th it is highly possible that this was a charity night for X Appeal. On the bill with Lonnie that night were Twink & Dickie Rock

March 27th Thursday

BBC 2 Lennie And Jerry

March 27th Thursday


March 28th/29th/30th/31st /April 1st & 2nd Friday - Wednesday

Belvedere Hotel, Great Denmark Street, Dublin

April 3rd

Dunlaughaire to Holyhead.

June 20th Friday

Forum, Hatfield.

June 22nd Sunday

Health Sevices Social Club, Dundee.

June 23rd Monday

Fairmuir Social Club, Dundee.

June 25th Wednesday

Gartwhinzean Hotel, Powmill, Fife

June 26th Thursday

Craigmillar Hearts Supporters Club – This show was cancelled.

June 27th Friday

The Palace, Rosyth.

June 28th Saturday

Tilt Hotel, Blair Atholl.

June 30th/July 1st/July 2nd Monday – Wednesday

Adam Smith Centre, Kirkcaldy.

July 3rd/4th & 5th Thursday - Saturday

Adam Smith Centre, Kirkcaldy – These shows were cancelled as Lonnie was ill.

July 6th

Seaburn Recreation Ground, Sunderland.

July 7th/8th & 9th Monday – Wednesday

Talk Of The Tyne, Newcastle.

July 10th Thursday

Blue Dolphin Holiday Camp, Filey.

July 1th & 12th

Fiesta Club, Stockton.

July 14thMonday

Silver Skillet, Maidenhead.

July 16th Wednesday

Tramshed, Woolwich.

July 19th Saturday

Cleethorpes Pier Rehersal

July 21st Monday

Startime Cleethorpes Pier with Clodagh Rogers & Mike Newman


This summer season ran through to September 6th Saturday, the only “break being the date below! A journey of about 150 miles either way.

August 3rd Sunday

Cambridge Folk Festival. Shown on BBC2 on the 28/10

September 21st Sunday

Fly to Bahrain.

September 22nd/23rd Monday - Tuesday

Hotel Delmon, Bahrain

September 24th Wednesday

Fly to Abu Dhabi

September 25th Thursday

The Club, Abu Dhabi.

September 26th Friday

OFF Ramada Hotel, Abu Dhabi. (I presume that OFF, means a day off)

September 27th Saturday

Oasis Club, Das.

September 28th Sunday

Fly Das to Abu Dhabi. Drive to Dubai.

September 29th Monday

Fly Abu Dhabi to Muscat Gulf Hotel

September 30th Tuesday

Fly Muscat to Abu Dabhi – Doha (Dukhan) Cancelled – Lonnie Ill

October 1st Wednesday

Falcon Club, Abu Dabhi.

October 2nd Thursday

QCPC Oil Field, Dukhan, Arabian Gulf.

October 3rd/4th Friday & Saturday

Hotel Grundy, Bahrain.

October 5th Sunday

Fly Bahrain to Sydney.

October 6th Monday

Sydney Off

October 7th Tuesday

Ted Hamilton TV Show, Melbourne.

October 8th Wednesday

John Singleton TV Show ABC, Sydney.

October 9th Thursday

Ainsley Football Club, Canberra.

October 10th/11th Friday & Saturday

Revesby Workers Club, Sydney

October 12th Sunday

Granville RSL Club, Sydney.

October 13th to 21st Monday – Tuesday

Lonnie was doing promotions for the tour.

October 22nd Wednesday

Cronulla Leagues Club, Sydney.

October 23rd Thursday

Roselands Mall, Wiley Park, Sydney - Cancelled

October 24th Friday

Manly Leagues Club, Sydney.

October 25th Saturday

Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney.

October 26th Sunday

North Sydney Leagues Club, Sydney.

October 27th Monday


October 28th Tuesday

Penrith Leagues Club, Sydney. (The Cambridge Folk Festival was shown on BBC2 this night)

October 29th Wednesday

Parramatta Leagues Club, Sydney.

October 30th Thursday

Pheonix Plaza Shopping Centre, Liverpool, Sydney.

October 31st Friday

Port Macquarie RSL, New Soth Wales.

November 1st Saturday

Grafton District Services Cub.

November 2nd Sunday

Casino RSL Club.

November 3rd Monday

Travel to Coolangatta.

November 4th Tuesday


November 5th/6th/7th/8th & 9th Wednesday – Sunday

Twin Towns Services Club, Twead Heads, New Soth Wales.

November 10th Monday

Travel to Sydney.

November 11th/12th &13th Tuesday – Thursday

Epping RSL Club, Epping, Sydney.

November14th & 15th Friday & Saturday

Wentworthyville Leagues Club, Sydney

November 16th Sunday

Ingleburn RSL Club, Sydney.

November 17th Monday


November 18th Tuesday

Travel to London.




March 14th Saturday

Congress, Centrum Halle, Hamburg. With Chris Barber

March 15th Sunday

Berlin with Chris Barber

March 18th Monday

Fly, Berlin-London-Mineapolis-San Fransisco-Tahoe.


March 19th Tuesday to March 28th Saturday

Caesar's Tahoe.

Bill Scott recalls this.

We did the first week in a big restaurant for Irish week. I played accordion and Jackie played fiddle and that helped to get us through that week. I told Lonnie about an Irish song I thought was good and he said 'you sing it'. Funny. I did sing it and with the help of Ian and Jackie it went well. Ian and Chris left after the first week as they were booked to play with Clodagh Rodgers in UK. We got two musos from LA to fill in. Not the same. We played the lounge in the second week.


April 1st Wednesday to April 4th Saturday

Dallas, Texas

April 5th Sunday

Fly back to LA.

April 6th Monday

Fly back to London.

June 2nd Tuesday

Berlin, Philharmonic Hall.

June 3rd Wednesday


June 5th Friday

The Fairfield Halls, Croydon. Recorded live album – Jubillee Concert

June 6th Saturday

The Forum, Hatfield.

June 8th Monday

Skillett, Maidenhead.

June 14th Sunday


June15th Monday

Lazy Acre Country Club, Shrewsbury.

June17th Wednesday

Kings Hall, Hearne Bay.

June21st Sunday


July 1st Wednesday

Elstree Studios to record Starburst. With Lonnie, Vicky & Joe Brown

August 18th

Albert Lee's wedding at Malibou Beach

August 25th Tuesday


August 26th Wednesday

Newbury FC.

August 27th Thursday


August 30th Sunday

Peterborough Country Music Festival.

August 31st Monday

Wrexham Steel Club.

September 2nd Wednesday

Tramshed, Woolwich, London.

September 4th Friday


October 3rd Saturday

Train to Aberdeen.

October 4th Sunday

Grampian TV “The Entertainers Show”.

October 6th Tuesday

Dover to Ostende

October 7th Wednesday


October 8th Thursday

Floh Circus, Hanover.

October 9th & 10th Friday & Saturday

Cheetah Club, Berlin.


October 11th Sunday


October 12th Monday

Market Halle, Hamburg.

October 13th Tuesday

Return to England.

October 14th Wednesday

Greenford Hall, Greenford.

October 15th Thursday

Holiday Camp at Brean Sands, Weston Super Mare.

October 17th Saturday

Sports Hall, Wisbech.

October 23rd Friday


October 24th Saturday


October 26th Monday

Harrowgate Theatre.

October 27th Tuesday

Granada TV, Chapel Street, Liverpool.

October 28th

ATV Starburst. (filmed on July 1st)

October 31st

BBC1 TV Larry Grayson’s Generation Game.

November 8th Sunday

Lincoln Theatre, Lincoln.

November 15th Sunday

From tvarchive.ca they list the following.:-

Nov 15, 1981 - Super Music. The Rovers - Wasn't That A Party! From the stage of the Cave Theatre Restaurant in Vancouver, The Rovers are joined for a musical evening filled with reminiscences by English singing star Lonnie Donegan, popular singer Trini Lopez and country favorite Carl Perkins. Making cameo appearances will be Anne Murray, John Davidson, Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Lonnie's bit must I believe have been recorded, there is no way he could have been there and in Elstree the following day.

November 16th Monday

ATV, Elstree.

November 18th Wednesday

Marlow Theatre, Canterbury.

November 22nd Sunday

Drury Lane Theatre, Rehearsal.

November 23rd Monday

Royal Variety Show, Drury Lane.  Also on this show and taking part in a tribute to “25 years of British Pop” with Lonnie were, Cliff Richard& The Shadows, The Searchers, Lulu, Acker Bilk, Marty Wilde Alvin Stardust and many more.

November 25th Wednesday

Conference Centre, Harrowgate.

November 29th Sunday

Liverpool Empire – Jubilee Concert.

December 6th

Jock 'N' Roll Part One

December 31st

Give Us A Clue



January 17th Sunday

Civic Centre, Aylesbury.

January 19th Tuesday

Fly To Nice France.

January 20th Wednesday - January 31st Sunday.

Sporting Club, Le Casino, Monte Carlo

January 24th Sunday

DAY OFF. I wonder how many of Lon's party spent their time at the same place? Le Casino!

February 1st Monday

Fly Nice to London.

February 10th Wednesday

Fly to Stockholm.

February 11th Thursday

Grande Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden.

February 12th & 13th Friday & Saturday

China Theatre, Stockholm.

February 14th Sunday

Grandee Hotel, Stockholm.

February 15th Monday

Mandags Borsen TV Show, Grande Hotel

February 19th & 20th Friday & Saturday

Starlight Rooms, Enfield.

February 26th Friday

Victoria's Restaurant, Harrietsham, Kent.

March 15th Monday

Waterend Barn, Civic Centre, St. Albans.

March 20th Saturday

Chalvey WMC, Near Slough.

April 10th Saturday

Gothenburg - CANCELLED

April 11th Sunday

Rotterdam - CANCELLED.

April 12th Monday

Silk Cut Festival of Country Music at Wembley2

April 13th Tuesday


April 14th Wednesday


April 15h Thursday


April 16th Friday

Frankfurt - CANCELLED.

April 18th Sunday


June 5th & 6th Saturday & Sunday.The Out of Town Club, Padworth, near Reading for two nights.

June 17th Thursday

Winter Gardens, Margate – with Rose Marie.

June 18th Friday – June 20th Sunday

Victoria's restaurant, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent

June 21st Monday

The Silver Skillet, Maidenhead, Kent.

June 23rd Wednesday

SPA Pavillion, Felixstowe. - with Rose Marie.

June 27th Sunday – July 3rd Saturday

Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green, Camberly, Surrey

June 29th Tuesday

Channel 4 TV, Vieyard Studio.

July 9th Friday

Southport Theatre, Southport. - with Rose Marie.

July 10th Saturday

Goldiggers, Chippenham.

July 11th Sunday

New Theatre, Cardiff – with Rose Marie.

July 12th Monday

Llanelli Entertainment Centre.

July 15th Thursday

Connah's Quay, North Wales

July 17th Saturday.The Berkeley Square Ball London for one night.

July 18th Sunday

Leescliff Hall, Folkstone.

July 19th Monday

Berkley Square Ball (charity)

July 20th Tuesday

Theatre Royal, Plymouth.

July 21st Wednesday

Aquatells, Basildon (I saw this show)

July 23rd Friday

BBC Birmingham 6.55 Special – with David Soul.

July 25th Sunday

St. Ives Hotel, St. Annes, Nr Blackpool.

July 26th Monday

Western Suprmare, Somerset – with Scott McKenzie.

July 27th Tuesday

New Springvale SC, Bilston, Wolverhampton.

July 28th Wednesday

Sunnyside Hotel, Northampton.

July 29th Thursday

Stardust Club, Corby.

July 30th Friday

Andrea's restaurant, Broad Street, Birmingham.

July 31st Saturday

Kingshurst Labour Club, Chelmley Wood, Birmingham.

August 1st Saturday

Key Theatre, Peterborough.

August 2nd Sunday

BBC 2 Sing Country (Not proved)

August 6th Friday

Queens Hall, Barnstable, Devon.

August 7th Saturday,

Starlight Rooms, Enfield.

August 8th Sunday

Travel to Ireland.

August 9th Monday

Sportsmans Inn, Dunaoghaire

August 10th Tuesday

Broomfields House Hotel, Mullingar

August 11th Wednesday

Sportsmans Inn, Dunaoghaire

August 12th Thursday

The Beaten Path, Claremorris.

August 21st Saturday

Milnthorpe Country Fair, Cumbria.

August 27th Friday


August 28th Saturday – August 30th Monday

Tondor Folk & Jazz Festival, Denmark.

September 2nd

Jock ‘N’ Roll.

October 20th Wednesday – October 21st Thursday

Border TV Carlisle. CANCELLED.

November 6th Saturday

Spinning Wheel.

November 24th & 25th Wednesday & Thursday

Beaverwood Club, Nr Sidcup, Kent.

Nivember 26th & 27th Friday & Saturday

Westfield CC. Hull.

November 29th Monday

Stv Cowcaddens, Aberdeen.

November 30th Tuesday

Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.

December 7th

Channel 4 Unforgettable.

December 12th SundayAngel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds. Private Party.

December 13th

Pebble Mill At One.




May 25th

Chas & Dave’s Knees Up (TV)

September 26th Saturday.

Butlins Holiday Camp, Barry Island, South Wales for ”Butlins Festival of the Sixties”, featuring 41 chart acts of the sixties and Screaming Lord Sutch over three days LD closed the festival on the Saturday night.

October 2nd

Start of tour with Billy Jo Spears. Due to Billy Jo being ill, this tour was not completed. Dates of shows that took place I have been unable to find. I do know that it did go ahead at The Cliffs Pavillion Westcliff, as I was there, I think it was November.

December 17th
The Little And Large Show




January 24th

Sunday, Sunday. LWT TV

January 30th

Mr. Cinders Opening Night Fortune Theatre London

February 8th
Thames TV. Lonnie discusses his roll in Mr Cinders.
February 16th
BBC 2 Forty Minutes - Skiffle

April 15th

LWT Knees Up

April 21st - 23rd

International Festival of Country Music Wembley with Billie Jo Spears


Date unknown

Sunday Sunday

Date unknown

Royal Gala

October 18th
BBC 2 Forty Minutes - Skiffle 
December 12th
BBC 1 Blankety Blank




May 5th

Palace Theatre, Shatesbury Avenue. 40 Years Of Peace, A Royal Celebration Concert. Lonnie performed one number, Chewing Gum, in The Nifty 50's section of the show. Show performed in the presence of HRH Princes Anne.

May 22nd

The Palace, Southgate

May 24th Friday.The Cabaret Club, Newmarket, Cambs for one night.
July 7th
Rock 'N' Roll Years 1956
July 21st
Rock 'N' Roll Years 1958
November 8th
BBC 2 The Old Grey Whistle Test

December 31st

Guest on Chas 'N' Dave's This Is Your Life.



April 4th

I’ve Got A Secret.

April 9th Wednesday
The Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green, Surrey. LD appeared there for five nights, supported by Chas McDevitt. 
July 27th Sunday.The Grounds of Buckingham Palace. For the Garden Party of The Not Forgotten Association for Injured and Disabled Soldiers LD sang and was accompanied by Paul Henry and The Buckingham Palace Trio.

August 23rd - 25th

The Peterborough Country Music Festival, Lonnie appeared on Saturday 23rd

According to The Stage, Lonnie was MD & Host.


September 14th

Chasing Rainbows, A Nation & It’s Music. Channel 4 TV

Dates unknown

Tour with Monty Sunshine as Donegan's Dancing Sunshine Band

November 28th

By Royal Command.

This was a documentary about The Royal Variety Show.

December 9th Tuesday. The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, London. For the 66th Annual Christmas Party of The Not Forgotten Association for Injured and Disabled Soldiers LD performed and was accompanied by the Buckingham Palace Trio.




January 11th
KLSX (97.1) Radio Los Angeles, California. Dr. Demento's Radio Show. LD Interview. 
February 2nd - 6th Monday - Friday
BBC Radio 2 for five days. Lonnie was one of 14 weekly guest presenters on The David Hamilton afternoon show, after Diddy Dave's fall out with The BBC.

February 6th

Rockcliffes Babies (TV)

April 25th

Anne Diamond’s Birthday Show. LWT TV

November 1st

The Hippodrome Theatre Bristol

Lonnie was one of the artistes in an event called "Stars And Brass".

November 20th Saturday

Newport, Isle of Wight.




December 9th

The Des O'Connor Show





January 1st

The Des O'Connor Show. This was a repeat of the 9.12.87, shown in the early hours of the morning.

March 4th

Rockcliffes Babies (TV)

May 14th Saturday. Abergavenny Leisure Centre, Abergavenny, South Wales One night.
 September - OctoberKenny Ball, Acker Bilk, Lonnie Donegan, George Chisholm &  Monty Sunshine tour.
 Scans of program supplied by Railroad Bill & Wreckless Eric. 





April 8th

Princes Theatre, Hunstanton


April 14th

Arts Theatre, Kimberley

April 15th

Beck Theatre, Hayes



April 20th

S&L Club, Corby - Cabaret

April 21st

Bourne Hall, Ewell

April 22nd

Empire Theatre, Halstead



April 23rd

Scott`s Club, Northfleet – Cabaret

April 27th

Orchard Theatre, Dartford



April 28th

Princes Theatre, Aldershot



April 29th

Peugoet Club, Coventry – Cabaret

April 30th

Butlins, Ayr - Festival

May 1st

City of Variety Theatre, Leeds



May 4th

Town Hall, Clerkheaton Town, West Yorkshire

May 5th

Willows, Salford – Cabaret

May 6th

Willows, Salford – Cabaret



May 7th

Southport Theatre

May 9th

Mold Theatre, Clywyd

May 12th

Bruebeck`s, St Albans – Cabaret



May 13th

Bruebeck`s, St Albans – Cabaret

May 14th

Lewisham Theatre – This Y`ere De Story Concert

May 17th

Victoria Theatre, Newcastle-Under-Lyne



May 18th

Jack Africa Club, Scunthorpe – Cabaret

May 19th

Playhouse, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne



May 20th

Baronwood C9lub, Carlisle – Cabaret

May 21st

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

May 24th

Pavilion Theatre, Worthing



May 26th

Victoria`s, Harrietsham – Cabaret

May 27th

Civic Theatre (Towngate) , Basildon


May 28th

Floral Hall, New Brighton

May 29th

Grantham, Lincs County Music Festival

June 2nd

Civic Theatre, Lichfield

June 3rd

Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow




June 4th

Greenwich Theatre, Greenwich


 October 22nd Human Factor. Putting On The Style. LWT TV





March 19th 

The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1956. BBC TV. 

May 2nd Wednesday.Lampton Park, Hounslow, London LD appeared at the Hounslow May Day Festival.
September 2nd to 8th Sunday to Saturday.The Empire Leisure Complex, Morecambe, Lancashire. For one week





February 8th

Arena – The Strange Story Of Joe Meek (TV)

April 25th Thursday
100 Club, with original band members Denny Wright and Mickey Ashman.

April 17th

This Is Your Life (TV)


December 1st

London Palladium, Chas & Dave's 20th Anniversary Show





Date Unknown

The Trouble With The 50’s (TV)

Febuary 8th
Denny Wright Passed Away.
November 29th
Grosvenor Hotel House Hotel, Park Lane London. Tribute to Bert Weedon. Lonnie attended this Grand Order Of The Water Rats celebration, arranged to mark the end of Bert's year as King Rat.

December 2nd - 20th 

Guest on the Chris Barber's Jazz Band Tour

December 2nd Wednesday
The Forum Hatfield Herts. Part of The Chris Barber Tour
December 5th SaturdayThe Stables, Wavenden, Milton Keynes.
December 6th Sunday
The Town Hall, Cheltenham.
December 7th Monday
The Arts Centre Poole.
December 9th Wednesday
The Civic Theatre, Halifax, West Yorkshire.
December 10th Thursday
The Lea's, Cliff Hall, Folkestone, Kent.
December 11th Friday
The Colston Hall, Bristol.
December 14th Monday
The Fountains Leisure, Brentford, London.
December 15th Tuesday
The Burgess Hall, St Ives, Huntingdon.
December 16th Wednesday
The Floral Hall, Southport, Merseyside
December 17th Friday
The Usher Hall, Edingburgh.
December 20th Monday
The Repertory Theatre, Birmingham.




 February 5th Friday. BBC Radio 2.  The Singer and The Song.
April 17th SaturdayThe Poynton Folk Centre, Poynton, near Stockport, Cheshire
January 29th Friday.  Old Battersea Town Hall, Lavender Hill Clapham Junction, London SW11 for the final “Rockers Reunion” Dance.
June 15th100 Club Oxford Street London This Yere’s The Story recorded here.

June ???

Musikhaset, Aarhus, Denmark Reunion album recorded here.

June 15th

100 Club Oxford Street London This Yere’s The Story recorded here

September 3rd Saturday.

BBC2. This Yere's The Story, Lonnie in concert. Recorded live at The 100 Club.




 Jubilee Tour of Denmark with Chris Barber

September 28th Wednesday.

Kongrecentret, Herniing


September 29th Thursday. 

Musikteatret, Vejle


October 1st Saturday. 



October 7th Friday.

Multihus “Tobakken”, Esbjerg


October 8th Saturday

Congress Centre, Odense


October 9th Sunday.

Cirkusbygningen, Kobenhavn




December 2nd


Assembly Hall, Walthamstow

December 3rd
Angel Centre, Tonbridge.
December 4th
Town Hall, Cheltenham.
December  5th
Guildhall, Southampton.
December 7thColston Hall, Bristol.
December 8thLees Cliff Hall, Folkestone.
December 9th
De Montford Hall, Leicester.
December 10th
Victoria Hall,Stoke On Trent.
December 11thOpera Hal, Buxton.
December 13th
Burgess Hall, St. Ives.
December 14th
Town Hall, Huddersfield.
December 15th
City Hall, Newcastle.
December 18th
Repertory Theatre, Newcastle.
December  19th
Usher Hall,Edinburgh.
December 20th
Town Hall, Falkirk.




January 1st
Les Bennetts Passed Away.
May 23rd
The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. Lonnie was present at "The Ivors" to receive The Ivor Novello British Lifetime Achievement Award.

September 24th

Rock & Roll (US TV)

November 16th Thursday.The Royal Albert Hall, London. LD supported Hank Marvin.

November 26TH

The Beatles Anthology US TV Mini Series




March 9th

Barrymore. ITV TV

Date Unknown

Interview with Daily Mail published May 10th

June 29th

Dancing In The Street, A Rock And Roll History. BBC TV



October 5th

Buxton Opera House A Tribute to Rory Gallagher Lonnie & Band were in this show

November 19th Wednesday. BBC Radio 2 “Blue Collar” Part one of four. A series exploring the roots 

of folk songs Presented by Billy Bragg.




 February 18th - 20th Brighton Dome Guest of Van Morrison
March 22nd 

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. Victoria Wood & Friends, Lonnie was the opening act on this show, which was actually a benefit for The Kings Head Theatre, The Angel, Islington, London.

July 24th
Ronnie Scott's Club London. Lonnie appeared as a guest of The Notting Hillbillies.

November 20th – 21st

Whitla Hall Belfast Skiffle Sessions recorded here

December 4th Friday Walthamstow Town Hall, guest appearance with The Chris Barber Jazz Band.
December 5th Saturday Prospect School, Reading. Lonnie performed here to raise money for the schools band to be able to perform in Europe.

December 7th

Skiffle - The Roots Of British Rock, The Royal Albert Hall.

Here is a You Tube clip from this show, this was rated as one of Lonnie's finest performances.




March 15th & 16th
 The Southport Theatre Merseyside, as guest of Van Morrison.
April 19th Sunday
The Symphony Hall, Birmingham supporting Van Morrison
May 14th The Late, Late Show with Gay Byrne.

June 26th

Glastonbury, Here is the interview with John Peel from that festival.







July 10th 

The Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, North London.

August 12th Wednesday
The Moonshadow Festival, Whitsand Bay, Crafthole, Cornwall.
September 19th
St. David's Hall Cardiff, guest of Van Morrison.
September 20th
Portsmouth Guildhall, Guest of Van Morrison

October 1st

John Peel Sessions Queen Elizabeth Hall London

November 20th Friday
BBC Radio 2. “Before The Fab Four” presented by Stuart Maconie and featuring LD
December 6th
BBC 2 Newsnight  Leadbelly Tribute
December 31st Jools Holland's Hootenaany. BBC 2 TV.



Guest on Van Morrison Tour.


January 1st Saturday
BBC2 TV. Repeat of “Jools Holland Millennium Hootenanny”

January 21st / 22nd

The Hilton Theatre Reno Nevada *

January 25th / 26th

The Willtern Theatre Las Vegas *

January 28th

The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas *

January 29th

2 Shows House Of Blues Las Vegas *

February 25th / 26th

Barbican Centre York *

Poss March

Southport Theatre *

March 26th 

HQ Dublin, The Mystery Train, Irish Radio supported gig. May have been transmitted.  

April 27th Thursday
 BBC TV Studio’s London recording “Top of the Pops” with Van Morrison
June 5th Monday.BBC Radio2 Chris Barber at 70 with live performances by LD, Kenny Ball, and Van Morrison.
June 16th The Queen's Birthday Honours List announced today, included Lonnie Donegan, who was awarded The MBE.

July 22nd

Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

July 29th Saturday
Maryport Blues Festival, Maryport,West Cumbria
July 30th
Guilford Surrey. The Guilfest.
September 19th The Life Cafe, Peter Street, Manchester.

September 23rd

Trimdon Folk Festival, Co Durham

October 7th

John Lennon Night Channel 4

October 27th

The Queen’s Birthday Honours Investiture of The M.B.E at Buckingham Palace London. Prince Charles made the presentation and according to Lonnie he said “not before time Lonnie, not before time” Lonnie said that he replied “you’re damn right mate"or words to that effect.  


Also during September 2000, Lonnie and his band played at The Labour Party Conference. So I've been told, Tony Blair's political agent John Burton may have arranged this, and the appearance at Trimdon. Apparently he says that he is Lonnie's Number One fan ….. I dispute this!





March 2nd

Old Swan Conservative Club Liverpool (Lonnie At The Connie)

March 24th

Pontins Southport

May 23rd
Granada TV Lunchtime Live

May 24th

Cavern Club Liverpool 

May 26th
 Old Fruit Market, Glasgow.

Date Unknown

Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey (US TV)

August 4th

Guilford Live

August 5th Sunday.The Knowle Arena Theatre, Sidmouth, Devon. The Sidmouth International Folk Festival.

August 9th

Cropredy Festival


August 25th

The Great British Rhythm 'N' Blues Festival, Colne, Lancs

August 27th

Mathew Street Festival (not paid so did not play)

September 8th Saturday
Music Festival at Limoges in the South of France


I am not sure if the guests listed played at all of the venues listed. Debbie Bonham definitely played at Leamington Spa.


October 9th

The Swan High Wycombe

October 11th

Oakengates Theatre Telford

October 12th

Alban Arena St Albans

October 13th Thursday
The Fringe Festival Stroud, The Subscriptions Room, Stroud, Gloucs
October 15thOpen House With Gloria Hunniford. For Thames TV. Lonnie Was Interviewed, And Also Performed (Also On This Show Peter Donegan)

October 15th

Royal Spa Centre Leamington Spa

October 16th

The Stables Wavendon Milton Keynes

October 18th

St Mary’s In Castle Nr Hastings

October 19th

Cliffs Pavilion Westcliffe On Sea

October 20th`

Woodville Halls Gravesend

October 24th

Pavilion Theatre Worthing

October 25th

Memorial Hall Sheffield

October 26th

Corn Exchange Kings Lynn

October 29th

Opera House Newcastle

October 30th

City Varieties Leeds

November 1st

Baeuford Theatre Ebbw Vale

November 3rd

Parr Hall Warrington                                   (cancelled due to ill health)

November 4th

Arts Centre Aberystwth

November 7th

Playhouse Theatre Weston Supermare

November 9th

Landmark Theatre Illfracombe

November 10th

Tivoli Theatre Wimbourne

November 12th

Palace Theatre Newark

November 13th

Civic Centre Guilford




March 28th – April 1st


Lonnie was one of the artistes appearing at The 6th Nantwich Jazz, Blues & Music Festival. I do not know the exact date of his performance. Poster for this event can be found here:- http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.webs.com/bitsbobs.htm

March 31st

The Hardwick Hotel, Sedgefield.

April 30th Tuesday London Bridge Hospital for heart surgery.
June 30th

Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green. Surrey.

LD was part of the cabaret for a Tribute to The Steve and Jimmy, The Clark Brothers.

They were celebrating 72 years in show business , and appeared on many occasions with LD.



July 7th 

Newark, Americana Festival 

July 30th 

Queens Hall, Edingburgh. RBS Jazz & Blues Festival 



September 14th

City Hall Salisbury


September 16th

Hall of Cornwall, Truro

September 18th

Playhouse, Weston- Super-Mare

September 20th

Town Hall, Cheltenham

September 24th

Opera House, Jersey

September 27th

Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn

September 29th

Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight

October 1st

Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth

October 3rd

Regent Theatre, Ipswich

October 5th

Assembly Rooms, Tunbridge Wells

October 17th

Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth

October 19th

Theatre Brynehniog, Brecon

October 21st

Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

October 27/28th

Music Hall, Shrewsbury

October 30th

Lonnie’s Final Concert.

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham advertised as with guest Joe Brown.

Guest was actually Vince Eager, along with Local band Diesel Park West and Lonnie's son Peter.

 Ticket, courtesy of Tony Binder.

November 3rd




The following are the dates Lonnie was unable to complete.


November 3rd

Opera House, York

November 4th

Victoria Hall, Stoke

November 6th

Albert Halls, Bolton

November 7th

Opera House, Newcastle

November 10th

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

November 13th

Woodville Halls, Gravesend

November 15th

Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon

December 4th

Christmas Special Cliffs Pavilion Westcliffe On Sea


 The following dates used archive clips of Lonnie.

 December 25th Wednesday

BBC Radio 2 “All roads lead to Lonnie” a tribute to LD presented by Bill Wyman.

December 29th 

RIP UK TV. A programme about people who passed away that year




May 8th
St Pauls London. Lonnie Donegan Memorial Service.

October 3rd

The Blues, 8 Films Made For US TV, Directed By Martin Scorsese. Lonnie Appears In The Red, White & Blues.




Monday 21st June

The Royal Albert Hall, London. “Rock Island Line” A Host Of Stars pay tribute to Lonnie Donegan MBE.






Released in 2007

Amazing Journey, The Story Of The Who (Film)




Released & Withdrawn

Telstar (Film, Telling The Story Of Joe Meek)

December 28th

Comedy Songs The Pop Years UK TV




May 12th

Jimmy Currie passed away.

July 22nd
Pete Huggett passed away.



January 12th

BBC Radio 4 “Great Lives” series featured LD who was nominated by actor Jim Carter


 January 28th
 Pete Appleby passed away.
 October 12th Friday
 BBC 4 Chas And Dave Last Orders                   
October 29th

The publication of Patrick Humphries biography on Lonnie Donegan, called “Lonnie Donegan and the birth of British Rock and Roll”

Chas And Dave's Last Orders TV programme has since been shown several times, as can be seen below. 





July 9th                                                                                                                                                  
 Imagine - Can't Stop Me Now. Rod Stewart talking to Alan Yentob about his career. He mentions that Lonnie was a big influence on him and features a clip of Lonnie singing Rock Island Line. Also Rod & Ronnie Wood burst into a chorus of Worried Man.

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