ASSORTED LONNIE PICS ASSORTED LONNIE PICS Parson's Love Skiffle I have no information at all about this picture, it was sent to me by email and is titled Parson's Love Skiffle. 197949292 Lonnie and Rory Lonnie and Rory Gallagher rehearsing in about 1978. 197670045 Lonnie & Dolly Parton Taken at The Liverpool Empire, not sure of the year. 192995602 From Roger Rettig The Memorial Service for Lonnie Donegan at Covent Garden in the Actors' Church. (l. to r.) Chas'n'Dave, Joe Fagin, Bert Weedon, Bruce Welch, Bill Wyman, Joe Brown, me, Albert Lee, Chas McDevitt, Brian May, Paul Henry.... 71167376 A "Plectrum" Of Guitarists. Picture From an anonymous friend Bruce Welch, George Hrrison, ? Lonnie, behind Lon ?, Con Clusky, Brian May, at the front :- Joe Brown, Chas Mcdevitt. Believed to be A Water Rats do, about 1991. 76743102 Happy Days Lonnie and Albert Lee. I'm guessing it's from the late 70's. 76746805 In Full Swing. Ottilie Patterson with Lonnie in the background. Chris Barber's Jazz Band. About 1954/5. 76746944 Everyone's Favourite Pin Up. Lonnie with Diana Dors, about 1960. 76747824 Guess What Song! Pete Oakman on Bin. 76748653 Sound Check before Lonnie's This Is Your Life Beryl Brydon, Roger Rettig & Chris Barber. Courtesy of Roger Rettig. 82891921 Lonsky & Hutch Note the Fag! An 80's pic. 76748772 Fan Club Post Card With printed signature. From my collection 119314507 This Is Your Life Beryl, Lonnie & Chris. Courtesy of Roger Rettig. 82892688 Two Pye Advertising Banners. From my collection 119365822 With Van Morrison Photo taken in Spain at Casa Guitara probably 1997/8. 176925699 Paul & George Photo taken at Eric Clapton's wedding. May19th 1979. Sent to me by Email. 176925700 Buddy Holly & The Crickets Possibly taken in 1957. Sent to me by Email. 176925701 Chris Barber's Jazz Band Possibly rehearsing at the pub run by Maureen's father. Sent to me by Email. 176925976 MBE November 2000. From my collection. 176925978 Pye Advertising card. 1957 Sent to me by Email. 176926998 Advertising Card Lon showing off he's new car!! From my collection 176926999 On Banjo Taken from a TV Show - if anyone knows which one, please let me know. Sent to me by Email. 178684577 Pretending To On Trumpet The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, 27th April 1974. A snipping tool picture. 178684578 The Skillets on one of Lon's show's, probably 1971. The following details are from an email I received from Rob Smith. Left to right - Paul Bristol (bass), me (guitar), Lon the Don (vocals...), Dave Smith (no relation)(guitar), Gina Robey (vocals), we were singing "Bye Bye Love". On the show we also sang Dave Cousins song "I'll Show You Where To Sleep". And we took part in the opening sequence to "Trumpet Sounds". Lonnie had offered to manage us after hearing us on Brian Matthews' 5 o'clock show on Radio 2. One of the results was that we did backing vocals on several of the tracks on "Lonniepops" LP. Rob 180362718 6 - 5 Special Front page of Pete Murray's Six - Five Special Song Book Sent to me by Email. 180363110 6 - 5 Special Middle pages of The Song Book Sent to me by Email. 180363111 6 - 5 Special A pic of Lon on 6 - 5 Special - date unknown. Sent to me by Email. 180363112 With The Irish Rovers Date unknown. 193752807 Rare photo Probably holding Denny Wright's Hofner Committee Guitar. From a good friend of Lonnie's. 193777657 Lonnie and Emile Ford Around 1959 / 1960. From my collection. 195032706 Lonnie and Paul Henry Date unknown From my collection. 195032707 Lonnie, Kenny Ball and David Jacobs. Probably at a NME Concert. From my collection. 195032708 6 - 5 Special Film Still. Dianne Todd and Avril Lesley. From my collection. 195565484 Adam, Cliff and Lonnie Does anyone know where this comes from? From my collection. 195565495 Lonnie. 1989. From my collection. 195565496 Alma Cogan & Connie Francis with Lonnie From my collection. 196100813 Fans Star Library No. 12 From my collection. 196100814 The Times December 1956. From my collection. 196100815 1986 With Con & Dec McClusky of The Bachelors. Does anyone know what this event was? From my collection. 196584190 With Ken Colyer 1953 April. From my collection. 196584425 April 17th 1991 At the after show party, following Lonnies This Is Your Life. 196951074 Poss 1959??? 196951075 Virginia McKenna, Cliff Richard & Lonnie Date unknown. 197341199