BRIAN GOODWIN'S CUTTINGS COLLECTION BRIAN GOODWIN'S CUTTINGS COLLECTION Rare Lonnie Photo With Denny Wright's Guitar 70734207 Lonnie by Lonnie Describing His Life So Far. 70734208 Lonnie by Lonnie Part Two Of The Article. 70734209 Conway Hall Listening To The Recording Of The Show. 70734210 Yankee Doodle Donegan Tour Hic - Ups. 70734211 Three Different Cuttings Show Revue & Picture, + Holiday Announcement. 70734212 Jimmy Currie's wedding. Russ Hamilton Behind The Cake. 70734213 Jimmy Currie & Maria De Vries Wedding Kensington Registry Office 70734206 Three Cuttings Revue, US Tour, New Bookings. 70737216 Skiffle Clubs. Lonnie's Clubs, I Wonder How Many There Were? 70737217 Fan Club. Shiela Richardson. 70737219 Two Cuttings. With Nancy Whiskey, & Wind vs String. 70737218 Two Cuttings. 6-5 Special, & With Alma Cogan & Anne Shelton. 70737220 Valentine Magazine Article 1958. Having A Trim. 70737221 Valentine Magazine Article 1958. More Of The Same Article. 70737222 Daily Mail 1958. Recording Session. 70737223 6 Cuttings. Various Cuttings. 70737224 On Stage. Lonnie In Action. 70737225 6 Cuttings. Fetival Hall, BBC Bans Record etc. 70737226 Club Meeting. Lonnie Offering Advice! 70737227 New Releases. I Think he looks shocked, Rather Than A Pose For The Camera. 70737228 1958 Royal Variety Show. Lonnie's Views. 70737215